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Early Spring Cleaning

January 13, 2019

(I’m trying out the new Editor in WordPress. We’ll see how it goes.)

One of the pitfalls of staying long-term at an RV park is that it’s easy to accumulate stuff both inside and outside. You have a nice site so you want to dress it up a bit. Add some steps and a huge outdoor carpet/rug. You acquire some furniture from a neighbor who has bought new. You buy one of those nice planter boxes that another neighbor is building out of wood pallets. Add an umbrella. And plants. Lots of plants… and before long, you have one of the nicest sites in the park.

But there is a lot of other “stuff” as well. Seasonal items to decorate the outdoor space for Christmas, Halloween, Fall. You live under trees, so you need a blower to clean the leaves off that big rug, and there are rakes to smooth out the gravel, and tarps to cover the outdoor cushions and fabric to cover all those plants in case of a freeze.

All that stuff has to go somewhere.

If you’re an artist, you compound the problem both indoors and in the outside storage compartments. There was a time, when we started travelling, that we carried a complete 10’x10′ art festival booth, with carpeted ProPanel walls, a tent, tables and chairs and framed paintings. To see how we did that in a 36 foot motorhome, see this article on my blog:

After a year or so, when we discovered we were focused more on travelling than on doing shows and festivals, we sold the wall panels and jettisoned a lot of large wood picture frames. This radically changed our approach when we did do a show, but it did free up a lot of space. Moving from a motor coach to a fifth wheel a few years back changed our storage situation even more. I do miss those big pass-thru basement compartments. Today we have several folding tables, two tall aluminum director’s chairs, and tubs of artwork . The art has to be culled every few months because I continue to produce drawings, sketches and paintings. Physical issues slowed us down for a couple of years and we haven’t done festivals or markets. Combine that with slow gallery sales and inventory fills storage space quickly. While we have some small local shows on the calendar again, along with the First Saturday Arts Market in Houston in April, none of them are traditionally big volume shows for us. I am far too prolific.

All of this means that I have started spring cleaning a bit early. I have purged items and done some reorganizing in the large basement compartment. There are several large tubs under the back of the rig that hold a lot of unused stuff that can go away. That will happen as soon as I get another reasonably warm day. I continue to purge artwork that is stored indoors as well. Some rearranging is still in progress.

The good news is that while Nell still has vascular issues in her right leg, we are both otherwise healthy. Over the last two-plus months we have changed our eating habits and are making healthier choices. We’ve both lost a little over 20 pounds and gotten good doctor reports. All of that makes the cleaning and purging work a lot less strenuous.

The work continues, but there is a certain amount of peace of mind knowing that we are creating a neater environment and carrying a lot less baggage.

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  1. January 13, 2019 5:08 pm

    The storage compartments were a problem for us as well – that’s when I switched to 225lb linen paper for my paintings – they lay flat and I could store 35 or so in a box. Sounds like you have things under control! Now that we no longer RV, storage is much easily managed.
    Sounds like youse guys are enjoying yourselves!

    • January 13, 2019 5:14 pm

      Hi Richard! We are, but we really miss being on the road. People don’t understand why we’d rather travel in an RV than go in a car and stay in hotels. We are very comfortable, though. Good to hear from you. Hope things are going okay for you.

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