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New Outdoor Color

March 25, 2017

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Sometimes, RV parks are sort of like families, and other times, it can be like a big yard sale. Items get bought and sold and passed around. In order to make the transition to living full time in an RV, there is a process of divestment which has to take place. Like our counterparts and neighbors, we had given things away, sold furniture, and had the inevitable garage sale ( ). We had chosen not to be bound to a storage building somewhere, and while we occasionally miss this or that, it’s short-lived and we forget about it. As a result, we live with far less “stuff” than the people who live in sticks-and-bricks houses.

So when you live full time in an RV, little things mean a lot, although I suppose just about anyone with a patio feels good when things can be spruced up a bit. We bought this patio furniture last year from a neighbor who was making some changes. We have seen entire decks taken apart and relocated to another site because the people who built the deck were moving on after being parked for a year or two – or more.  Flower pots and hanging baskets often get passed to someone else. We bought our neighbor’s patio furniture.

We waited until now to buy new cushions so we can enjoy them as Spring arrives and new plants and flowers begin to grow. We may not do much traveling for a while, but we can certainly enjoy the surroundings where we are.

Safe travels, friends.

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