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Laundry Day

April 12, 2016

Laundromat leander at700

Every RVer’s favorite thing: laundry. We’ve seen some scary laundry rooms at RV parks and we’ve seen some really nice ones. The same has been true when we’ve gone into town wherever we were and found a Laundromat. They generally aren’t in the best locations in small towns, so you never know what you’ll find or who might be hanging around.

Nell normally does the laundry at one of the laundry rooms here at the RV park where we’re parked long-term. They’re nice and clean, and it’s usually not hard to get to a machine. This particular day was Monday, and Nell knew a couple of people who normally do their laundry on Monday. I usually help her get the stuff there and back. We had a pretty good load so, on a whim, we drove into the nearby town of Leander to a laundromat a neighbor had suggested.

I’ve started carrying my sketchbook and pens almost everywhere we go so, while waiting for the machines to do their work, I sat down and did this little sketch. The timing was perfect, and I was at a stopping point in time to help do the folding. We then had lunch at a nearby catfish restaurant, went grocery shopping, and got back home in time for a neighbor to see this sketch and buy it.

And the Laundromat itself? Clean, well-lit, and even though there were quite a few people there, we got machines easily and didn’t have to wait.

Not a bad day.

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