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A Test Run, and Prepping for the Road

August 4, 2015


And finally, the Seven Seas in its natural environment. We got the rig back from the mechanic and quickly finished loading it. Then we headed to Cedar Breaks Park for a two night familiarization run. Cedar Breaks is a Corps of Engineers park near Georgetown, Texas, about a thirty minute drive from home for us.


The one thing we had not tested was the sewer system, so we stopped at the dump station on the way into the park to dump the tanks. I had an anxious moment when the black water valve refused to open, but having experienced the same thing with a previous motorhome, I gave it a few good tugs and it finally opened. When the black was done, I closed the valve and opened the gray valve. We knew that Nell had done some cleaning, with water in the kitchen sink, and we knew we had water in the gray tank, but I was surprised at how much.

We did unintentionally test the holding tank monitors. Turned out, we used a little more water in the sink and bathroom lavatory than we realized, and got the standard backup in the shower. Fortunately, that happened as we were packing up to leave, and it all dumped cleanly on the way out of the park. We now know that some of the monitors don’t work. Not a big surprise with any rig, but especially with a twenty year old one.


In general, it was a great test, and we’re happy with the rig. Everything works fine and we were very comfortable.  The AC really blows cold, so we’ll have to learn how to adjust for the heat during the day without being too cold at night. We didn’t test the propane stove, but we did take the Nu-Wave oven and Nell did the cooking in that. That and a crock pot are the main things she intends to cook with when we’re travelling anyway.


We brought the rig back home, and continued to stock it for longer trips. I continued with cleaning the exterior, which I’m afraid with the 20 year old fiberglass, may be an ongoing project. I also washed and waxed the Honda, so we should look pretty good going down the road, at least for a few days.

zach helping

Our youngest grandson spent the day with us and helped with things. He will be back today, and I’m sure will want to help. Tomorrow, we will hook up the Honda and five of us will roll out of here for a trip to Ohio.

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  1. August 4, 2015 5:11 pm

    Looking good! We also found out that the tank gauges aren’t always accurate. Have a safe and fun trip!

  2. Sally Sweeney Bryenton permalink
    August 4, 2015 6:29 pm

    Stop by Asheville nc and camp by the river in the River Arts District….give a call if you do..828-505-5152…Sally Bryenton

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