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Making Progress

July 24, 2015


The C is presently in the hands of a local mechanic. He will replace all the hoses, belts, filters, house battery, and whatever else may have gone bad while sitting still, and will make sure we don’t get stuck out on the road somewhere.

The RV tech who worked on the roof removed the bent-up luggage rack (which didn’t make much sense on a rubber roof anyway), replaced the roof vents for the shower and toilet, patched some small tears on the roof, and sealed the roof edges with sealer tape. He discovered the rooftop AC unit was filthy and had an old mud-dauber nest about the size of a fist. He cleaned it all up, re-installed it and sealed it. The AC worked well before, but he said it should blow a lot stronger now.


Meanwhile, we continue to stock the rig for travel. We will have one grandson (and his parents) travelling with us to Ohio one-way, and then while we’re there, we plan to take two of the Ohio grandkids to a state park for a couple of days. We filled a couple of flat tubs with activity things for them when we’re not outside. We’ve also got games and puzzles.


We picked up a first aid kit at Walmart, some plastic tablecloths and other items at Dollar General. Nell got new ceramic dishes for the fifth-wheel and moved the plastic dishes to the C. There are bags of items waiting to be moved in. The intent is to have the Class C completely stocked with just about everything except food and clothes, allowing us to travel on a whim, without the need to transfer a lot of things.

There is not a lot of large outdoor storage in this rig, but I think it’s going to be fine for what we need. Sewer hose and hose supports, water hoses, lynx leveling blocks, and other such items are on board now, along with other camping equipment, and there is still space available. Since we’ll tow the CR-V on the trip to Ohio in a couple of weeks, we’ll put the camping chairs in it. There are still empty overhead cabinets in the living area, which will fill up quickly with food and cooking items. The closets and bedroom cabinets over the bed are still empty. And there is nothing yet stored under the bed. Experience tells me those spaces will fill up quickly.

We’ve reserved a space for a few nights in Plain City, Ohio, which isn’t far from the kids there, and we’re looking at Buck Creek State Park near Springfield, OH to take the grandkids camping for a couple of days.

The one thing we haven’t done yet is test the holding tank dump valves. As soon as the C comes back from the mechanic, we’ll spend a couple of days at the Corps of Engineers campground at Lake Georgetown, about a half hour away from home. We know the awning works, but that will give us a chance to get used to anything that might be different, and we’ll learn how the rig sleeps.


I think we’ll carry two of the weights we use for the festival canopy. We’ll close the fifth-wheel awning while we’re gone, so the weights may as well become multi-use items.


The Towmaster is back on the CR-V. Before I put it away, I sprayed it with slide-out lubricant and then stored in large plastic trash bags. Although it’s pretty heavy, it went on easily and works smoothly.

We’re getting there.

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