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Yard Work, a Flag, and Some Decorating

March 31, 2015

Rio Bonito RV Park, March 31, 2015

march31 2

Throughout our travels, we’ve seen these flagpoles at RV sites, and we’ve wanted one for a couple of years. I’m not a real handyman and have limited tools, so I’ve never attempted to build one.  A fellow here at the RV park has made several for various folks, so we bought the materials and he put it together. The pole pivots freely in the breeze.  Now we need to get a solar powered spotlight. ..

march31 3

It’s pretty tough to get Site Of The Month. The planting area on the left is our responsibility, and even though we had gotten it weed-free, there has been enough rain to cause more to spring up, and we neglected them. So this morning, while it was cool, we got all the weeds out of the planting bed and the gravel area.  Now to keep it that way. The park cut  back some limbs on the tree on that side, enabling us to park the car toward the back, which we prefer. We would really like to use that space to park a small Class C motorhome there, if it will fit and if we can get approval.

Montana redo bedroom5

We finally started on some updating to the interior, starting with the “upstairs” hallway and the bedroom. We’re going with a blue color scheme this time.  I wasn’t real keen on the blue at first, but after seeing the finished work, I’m happy with it.  We’ve ditched the day/night shades, which have proven to be a pain. For this front part of the Montana, Nell has made room-darkening curtains. We also removed the ugly padded arched decorative trim above the doorway. There is an arched gap above the door, so rather than do anything major there, Nell wrapped the arched wood with the same fabric as the curtains, and I put it back up. It really wasn’t difficult.

Montana redo bedroom4

We added some flea market finds and some souvenirs from our travels

Montana redo bedroom7

…and some of my art.

Montana redo bedroom8

A bedspread and some pillows and we have a completely transformed bedroom.


With one part of the Montana redone, we put the decorating work aside, and started putting together some new art products. At the April First Saturday Arts Market, we will unveil a new banner at the back of the booth and put out some new business cards.

whimsy blog 2

With the continued interest in our small, colorful and whimsical art, we have created a new blog devoted strictly to what we now refer to as Whimsitecture.  Check it out at

Hope to see you out on the road before much longer.  Safe Travels!


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  1. April 1, 2015 3:17 am

    It All looks very comfortable Ralph.

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