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Cabin Fever, Wanderlust & the DIY Bug

March 22, 2015

This is what happens when you sit still. You get cooped up for a lot of days with wet, cold weather, and you only get out for errands or the odd special occasion. And you spend time loafing or doing other stuff instead of keeping up with your blog.

I did do a lot of artwork, partly for the gallery and partly for an illustrated book that seems to be taking forever. And we went down to Galveston recently for the opening of a show at Affaire d’Art.  One of my whimsical painted drawings made it into the show, which was kind of cool. We also set up our booth at First Saturday Arts Market again in the Houston Heights.

Other good news was hearing from PPL Motorhomes in Houston.  Our 2003 36′ Bounder motorhome finally sold!  Unfortunately, there were a couple of repairs that were needed, so we didn’t get quite what we had hoped for, but we’re satisfied that we have another part of our plan behind us.

The search is on in earnest now for a used 24′ to 26′ Class C motorhome that we can travel in.  We’ve been ready to travel for months, and the combination of wanderlust and cabin fever is making us itch for the open road.  Good advice we’ve gotten says we are looking for a “C” with a Ford E450 with a V10 in order to tow our Honda CR-V.  That should give us the option of towing through mountains and having a “daily driver” when we want to stop for several days and explore without having to unhook the landlines every time.

We’ve also started getting the “renovation” bug with the fifth wheel. (You knew it was only a matter of time.) We’ve found several Facebook groups that deal with updates and renovations, and we look at the standard décor in the Fiver and start itching to change something.  Some things are cosmetic (paint, window treatments, and a kitchen backsplash.  Nell has already ordered Smart Tiles for the backsplash.)  Some things are more practical (a new, larger, residential fridge, removal of the oven to create more storage, and eliminating the microwave.)  She has also ordered a NuWave Oven that sits on the countertop, or in this case, on top of the cooktop. Removal of the cooktop is questionable. It might be best to leave it as is, so if we lose electric power, we still have the propane range as backup.

So here we are, planning lots of stuff to do here, and at the same time looking toward spending some time on the road.

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  1. March 22, 2015 11:06 pm

    I went thru all of that but found that I was better off keeping the oven since it was propane.

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