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Settling In near Liberty Hill

January 18, 2015

We had one good day for moving, and then a week of cold, wet days. Now we’ve been having some nice weather, so we can get a bit more settled.


One of the first things we needed to do was get some things out of the basement pass-thru in order to make room for other things that were taking up space inside. Keep in mind that this is now home base,  a long-term location for the fifth wheel, so we can expand a bit. This is what the patio looks like after some hard work over the last couple of days. We’ll slowly add more plants and a couple of deck umbrellas over time. The canvas “director chairs” will be saved for camping, and we’ll add some more weather-proof chairs for the patio here.


Between the RV and the picnic table is a new storage chest that holds quite a bit of stuff.  It’s also sturdy enough to sit on.  It holds a variety of things that we don’t need very often.

We also acquired two large vinyl tubs with lids that clamp on. We chose a dark gray color so the tubs can sit on the patio and be used as side tables for drinks and plants without being particularly obtrusive. We can make covers for them if necessary, but we think they will eventually be camouflaged with plants. The park owners strongly discourage “stuff” being accumulated around the RV sites, but it can be “hidden” in tubs like these. We just decided to let them do double duty as furniture.  These big tubs also hold a lot of items that are needed occasionally, but don’t necessarily have to be stored in an indoor environment.


The site is large enough that the patio area can be expanded if we ever want to. For now, we have seating, a table, storage, and a grill table (appropriated from our art market equipment). Continue to dress it up with more plants, large and small, and a couple of umbrellas, and we’re happy.

The pass-thru space in the RV (located to the right of the RV door) now contains art show equipment on this side, to allow easy loading and unloading, and the other side now has room for artwork and other materials that take up too much space indoors.

From a security standpoint, the large chest is easily lockable with a padlock, and is heavy enough to discourage just picking the whole thing up and walking off with it.  The two large tubs contain things that would be a nuisance to replace, but not particularly valuable. The park is gated, so there is no drive-thru traffic unless allowed in, so we’re comfortable that our place and belongings are secure here.

I waited for decent weather before dealing with stabilizing jacks. It had been too cold and wet to be crawling around under this rig.  At the end of a busy day yesterday, I did get two jacks installed behind the wheels before running out of daylight.  I’ve got two more that will go in front of the wheels, and I still need to get the tripod installed at the front.  The site slopes just enough that the tripod won’t fit, so I’ll have to make an adjustment to it before installing it. But first, another trip to the lumber yard is necessary to get some more blocks cut.

We have made a few storage adjustments inside, and we’ll probably continue to rearrange some things. For now, most of the “aching back” work is pretty much done.



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  1. January 18, 2015 4:01 pm

    beginning to feel like home.

  2. Pleinguy permalink
    January 19, 2015 2:58 am

    Looking good! Hope it all works out as planned.

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