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A Little More Description

January 8, 2015

wide view

I think this photo gives a better idea of just how wide our site is.  To the right of our parking area is a space filled with a heavy bark ground cover.  That space, as you can see, is at least the same width as the pea gravel area between our patio rugs and the posts along the edge.  Our neighbor, who we met yesterday, is a friendly, active retiree grandmother.  Her fifth wheel is partially obscured by the cedar trees.  The space is not typical for an RV park, but rather it’s almost like being at a nice state park.  There are restrictions as to what can be sitting out on one’s site.  Residents are encouraged to make their spot attractive, and there is even a Site of the Month program.

We think there is a bit more water in the river, but we’ve been either busy or not excited about being outside any more than necessary, so we haven’t even gone to look.  Everyone is pretty much staying inside right now.  We did take one of the propane tanks into town to get it topped off, and made a quick stop to pick up a few additional items.  If the forecast holds, we will probably not set foot outside much for the next several days.


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  1. Pleinguy permalink
    January 10, 2015 3:11 am

    Now that is a really nice looking site. Can’t wait to see the improvements you make to the side yard.

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