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Settling In… Again

January 7, 2015



The trip from Houston/Pearland to Liberty Hill, Texas went smoothly. Before leaving Advanced RV Park in Pearland, Texas, Nell and I stopped at the office to get everything finalized.  The tow driver headed out ahead of us.  We were well out of Houston when we finally caught up with him.  It’s kind of odd to pass your home rolling down the highway.  We had used this same man to tow the Mountaineer from PPL Motorhomes to Advanced RV Park, and we had full confidence in him.  Still, when you realize that both your home and all your worldly possessions are being towed down the highway like this, it does give pause.

Our new home

Our new home

After getting the Mountaineer backed into the site, the tow driver, a very nice gentleman named Morris Starks, owner of The Happy Camper moving company based in Houston, saw to the leveling process.  The tires are sitting on wood planks, and he used the blocks I had to put under the front landing gear (those two legs in front).  He also cranked down the rear jacks, which are also resting on wood blocks.  Once he was satisfied that we were parked properly and leveled, he climbed back in his truck and headed back to Houston.

While I worked outside, Nell got things put back in place inside.  We did discover that the fifth wheel trailer did do a bit of rockin’ and rollin’.  The microwave isn’t the original, and therefore was smaller and just resting in its opening above the stove.  We found it on the floor.  One cabinet door came open and there were a few pieces of Tupperware and a pot lid on the kitchen floor.  Things did move, but the microwave was the worst of it.  It was put back in place, and it works fine.  Nell got the furniture all back in place and by the time I went inside later, it was home again.

One of our worries had been that we had a couple of the slideouts too heavily loaded, but in preparing to leave Houston, they all went in smoothly and without any problem at all.  Likewise, upon arrival here, they opened back out smoothly.

The RV park owner has specific instructions for setting up, and since this is not a temporary location, I took my time getting the sewer hose properly supported off the ground at the right angle, the water hose enclosed in insulation and all fittings tight, and the power cable running neatly along with the water hose.

site 52

This is the newer section of the RV park and the sites are substantially larger. Ultimately, Nell wants to park the car to the back of the site, in the near corner on the right.  We will most likely have a good solid small porch and steps built, which will be easier to use than the small RV steps.  Still undecided is what kind of shade structure we’ll want to provide mid-day shade during the summer. The awning on the fifth wheel isn’t placed in the right location for this site.  Today, we’re having 25-30 mph winds with gust up to 40mph, which makes me realize we want something that can be made somewhat wind-proof without a lot of work. I’m giving some thought to a cantilevered umbrella that we open when we’re outside, and can easily lower when we’re not or when we’re gone.  We do want a nice patio space, and will be looking at something like resin “wicker” pieces, and a collection of plants in large pots.  Unfortunately, moving day was the only good weather day. We spent the second day (today) meeting some of the residents, including our next door neighbor, and doing some additional preparations for the freezing temperatures forecast for overnight.

But for now, we’ll focus on getting more organized inside.  The next few days are expected to be cold and wet, so we’ll hunker down and be glad we’re not in the northeast part of the country right now.  Hopefully, our preparations for the weather will be enough.

I’ll post more, including some photos, as we continue to get settled.


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  1. Maryq Killough permalink
    January 8, 2015 7:23 am

    Ralph this looks so cozy. I know your both going to enoy having coffe at the picnic table on nice days; and you can paint there. =)

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