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Our New Home. Again.

October 13, 2014


36 foot, 2008 Montana Mountaineer

moving day

Moving Day, Monday, October 6

It’s hard to believe that we have already been in the Mountaineer for a full week! That week has been a blur of activity.

It might seem simple to move things from one RV to another.  After all, how hard can it be to move 300+ square feet worth of stuff, right?  It took us a day and a half in total.  Since things can’t be packed in boxes ahead of time, they have to be moved one small tub full at a time and one handful at a time. Fortunately, by being able to park the Bounder and the Mountaineer door to door, we reduced the steps involved, but it was still quite a process. We closed on Monday morning, and the Mountaineer was delivered to the parking lot at Advanced RV Park around noon.  We unhooked the Bounder from our site and drove it around to the parking lot.  By 4:30 pm, we were actually at a point where the Mountaineer could be towed back to our site by the RV park’s forklift. The rest was moved by car the next day. The rest of our week was busy with getting things settled. We tried to put things away as we moved it, but we also needed to get the Bounder empty and clean and ready to move off the pavement.  During the week, I also took the Bounder to get the state inspection done, then parked it on a grass area next to the parking lot while we finished organizing in the Mountaineer.


Here is the Mountaineer parked at our site (above). The slideout on this side holds the sofa bed and the dining table and chairs. This photo and the rest were taken a week after the move, just after a group of thunderstorms moved through the area on Monday. Beautiful weather is forecast for the coming week, so we’ll use that to figure how far back to park the CR-V and get the patio sorted out.

IMG_3287The two guys who moved the trailer did a great job.  They were very careful and made sure they put it exactly the way I wanted it.  The power pedestal on the right side is perfectly bracketed by the two back slides, and there is still room to walk between the back of the trailer and the fence. The white object on the ground is the Dish TV Tailgater satellite. After a very frustrating day of trying to get connected, it’s going back into storage. On this side, the front slide is an extension of the bedroom, the middle one holds the fridge and stove, and the rear slide holds the desk/entertainment center.


There is a long, shallow storage space at the front behind the rectangular door near the bottom. It holds a fair amount of stuff, but I think I’ll save that space for items that are very rarely needed.  The next photo will explain why.

ralph hits head

I’ve been assured that there is a rule in the Fifth Wheel Owner’s Handbook that requires a newbie to forget about the front overhang at least once. Since I have a habit of hitting my head on cabinets and other overhangs, it seemed appropriate to get it over with early. This one rang my bell pretty good.  The ER doctor chose to glue me back together instead of using stitches, and once the headache went away, I was fine. I can’t do much about that overhang, but I will be picking up some swimming pool noodles to put on the bottom edges of all the slides.


On moving day, I just threw things from the Bounder’s basement compartments into this single big pass-through space.  A couple of days later, I rearranged it. It still looks like it’s all just been thrown in there, but there is a certain order to it.  The green canvas thing on the left is our Light Dome show canopy. Surrounding it are all the various items (tables, tubs, etc.) we use for markets and festivals. The idea is to be able to back the CR-V up to this opening and just transfer everything straight from here into the car. It should reduce some of the lifting and carrying. This is the “garage”, and it will go through some changes as I figure out how to organize things. For now, the point is to keep things contained inside the rig. Yes, just about everything in there has a use, and I know where everything is. Well… almost.


Inside, we’re pretty close to having everything put away. We’ve done some creative organizing, especially with large items.  There is a large drawer under the sofa, which contains a pair of TV trays and some large sheets of drawing paper and art boards. We like having a dining table and chairs again because it provides more flexible seating, but we’re missing the storage we had under the dinette seats.


We managed to spend Sunday afternoon watching football and finding places for things. There are still little items to be put away. The TV is on a swing arm mounted on the wall. The shelf below/behind it holds our printer  The black crate on the floor contains artwork finished and ready to sell, along with unfinished studies and work in progress. The tubs under the desk hold our framed mini paintings, some fragile drawings and empty mini frames. We don’t want to live with it this way for long, but for the moment, we’ve run out of ideas.  We’ll get there eventually. What it all shows is that the fifth wheel doesn’t have quite the same amount of storage as the motorhomes did. An example: the mechanism for the bedroom slide drastically reduced the space under the bed.  That’s where the flat tubs would have gone.

busy bee cafe

And… just to maintain our reputation for finding places to eat, we had breakfast Monday morning at the Busy Bee Café here in Pearland.  Good food, comfortable environment, great service, and huge cinnamon rolls.

After some serious storms during the afternoon on Monday, the weather cleared off and it looks like we’ll have a nice week with mild temperatures and low humidity. There is still a growing list of things to be done, and the nice weather will help as we continue to settle in.


6 Comments leave one →
  1. October 14, 2014 2:51 pm

    It’s huge Ralph!

  2. October 14, 2014 3:55 pm

    Congrats – looks real nice and the slide outs provide good space in the width – enjoy!

  3. Ralph Libone permalink
    October 14, 2014 10:56 pm

    Nell and Ralph, This looks fantastic!!!! Maybe someday…… Blessings and prayers for many happy and healthy years in your new home. ENJOY!!!!

  4. October 23, 2014 12:52 am

    Soon you will figure out a place for everything, and have everything in its place. Enjoy your new home.

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