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The Day the Sun Came Out

February 14, 2014

“Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.”
~ Mary Oliver


Rockport, Texas

We started the day yesterday by having a local fellow come by and take some measurements to build out the storage space where the washer/dryer combo had been.  That’s a pretty raw space, so Nell wants it enclosed inside with large shelves that slide out.  The pots, pans and other heavy stuff will go there.    Hopefully, that work will get done next week, along with a couple of other things.


Then, while Nell ran an errand, I worked on this little oyster boat painting.  I hadn’t thought about it much, but I got a blog comment recently from our former neighbor, who had noticed how much I’ve branched out in terms of subject matter.  I credit our travels with that.  You’ll notice the quote by Mary Oliver at the top of this page.  It seemed fitting, and may become a byline for this blog.

So many people we know are having such bad weather, and really getting tired of it.  Even here, in one of the warmest places in the country, we have had weeks of cold, wet weather.  But this day started with blue skies, sunshine, reasonable temperatures and just a light breeze.  It was such a gorgeous day here along the Coastal Bend that we would have felt guilty if we stayed indoors.


Sometime after noon, we took the ferry over to Port Aransas.  We were the front car going across, which gave us a great view of this white pelican swimming directly in front of us before the ferry left the landing.  With the great sunlight we had today, it looked as if this guy was floating in diamonds.

Port A2

We parked the car at Roberts Park, next to the ferry landing, then got our exercise by walking and exploring the harbor.  It’s always impressive to see these great ships pass through the channel.


There is always something interesting to see at the marina.  This sailboat caught our eye because of its unusual design… and the fact that it looked like it had been around the world at least once.  I’m not a boat expert, but the watertight hatches on this vessel gave the impression of a true ocean cruiser.


Nell got some great shots of the shrimp trawler Polly Anna.  By walking out along the piers at the marina we were able to get a completely new viewpoint.


The 100 foot boat goes out nightly and returns to sell shrimp the next morning right at the dock.  Note the “Sold Out” sign, which is apparently a daily occurrence.

IMG_0170 edited

This huge brown pelican landed on a post as we were walking along one of the piers.  He let me get within just a few feet before lifting off and flying away.


At first, we thought this was a crime scene.  Turns out this sailboat had just been refloated in the last couple of days.  A corroded pipe had failed, flooding the boat and sinking it to the bottom right there at the dock.  A man who was working on it said the owner had been ill for years, and that the boat had sat in this slip for over ten years, apparently without being used.  We didn’t get to see inside, but he said the interior would need to be completely gutted and refinished.


This fellow was enjoying the sun and keeping watch over his master’s boat.


Also keeping watch in another slip was Atticus, who barked a couple of times as we approached.  After his mistress quieted him and introduced us, he accepted us and some ear scratching.  We learned that the lady of the boat, Kathleen, is a former RVer who now lives aboard her sailboat here at the Port Aransas harbor.  The conversation was instantly comfortable, and we ended up sitting on the pier, sharing experiences while Atticus found a shady spot and snoozed.  This was a truly delightful, adventurous and self-sufficient lady, reminding us that one never knows when or where a new friend and kindred spirit will be discovered.

After what seems like weeks of cold, wet weather, we had a great day out in the sunshine.

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  1. February 14, 2014 4:09 pm

    My 2 favorite habitats, RV’s and boats. I think I told you that my first husband and I lived aboard a 32 foot sailboat and than a 58 foot hatteras. I loved it hated to move to solid ground. My second husband and I live on a stilted cabin at the waters edge on an island in the bayous. If you ever get this way, you are invited to stop for a visit. Syd

  2. February 14, 2014 9:12 pm

    Nice post – photos and love that painting!

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