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Finally… Our New Home

October 29, 2013


36 foot, 2003 Bounder

Nell found this motorhome one morning on Craig’s List.  On the spur of the moment, we drove the 116 miles to Whitney, Texas to take a look.  After we spent at least a couple of hours looking it over and taking a test drive on back country highways, we struck a deal with the seller.  The next day I drove it back to Georgetown on I-35, and was pleased with the ride.

The details:  8.1L gas engine on Chevy Workhorse chassis, onboard Onan 5500 generator, 56k miles (as a point of reference, the Holiday Rambler had 92k miles when we bought it, and we put roughly 10k on it in two years).  It’s had two owners, both of whom have kept it under covered storage when not travelling.  The front tires are a couple of years old, but the rear tires are due to be replaced.  It has one slideout which contains the sofa and dinette.


Yes, it’s the same size as the Holiday Rambler.  I know we planned on finding something shorter, but for our purposes, needs and desires, this size fits the bill.  As I’ve stated recently, we spend a lot more time living in it than we do driving it, and it’s the “living” part that takes precedence.  As we are living it, this adventure isn’t about living off the grid, camping or sacrifice.  It’s about moving about the country or sitting still, when and where we choose, and being comfortable while we’re at it.

The awnings appear to be practically unused, and we like the fact that in addition to the main awning and slideout topper, there are also awnings over all the side windows.  That’s going to help keep the interior cooler during hot weather.


These photos were all taken before we moved in.  I’ll post more later on, but this shows how much additional space we’re gaining with the slideout.  The sofa is reasonably comfortable, so the plan is to keep it and add a couple of little cube storage ottomans.  We’ve discovered that the recliner has probably not been the best thing for our backs.  Not only does this give the two of us more space to move around in, the three chairs in the front swivel to allow us to entertain as well.  We’ve had as many as 9 inside, sometimes eating, so with a couple of TV trays, we can be much more comfortable with a crowd.

The side windows have day/night shades, all in good condition, and there is a roll-down shade for the windshield, which, along with the front curtains, provide complete privacy at night.  There is a roof-mounted satellite dish which serves new flat screen TVs in the living area and the bedroom.  The carpet is in reasonable condition for now, as is the vinyl flooring.


We enjoyed the table and chairs in the Rambler, but we’re looking forward to the additional storage under the dinette seats (they have slideout drawers).  There is some pantry space above and below the mirror next to the dinette, and additional space in the hallway.


The cabinet next to the stove holds a combo washer/dryer.  These apparently don’t hold much.  The seller’s wife said she only used it a couple of times in five years.  Nell says she’s fine doing laundry at RV parks and washaterias, and would rather remove the washer/dryer and add a couple of shelves for appliances and/or pots and pans.

The fridge is almost twice the size, with double doors top and bottom.  It has an ice maker as well.


After looking at a lot of variations, we decided that we wanted to keep a dedicated bedroom with a walk-around bed.  There is storage under the bed as well as overhead.  The arrangement of this room is the same as the Holiday Rambler, but the drawers are wider and there are more of them.    We’re going to like having hinged doors on the closet instead of the heavy, troublesome sliding glass ones we had before.

As of this writing, we have moved completely from one motorhome to the other, although there is still some stuff that hasn’t found a niche yet, and much organizing to do.  We can, however, walk around comfortably inside the Bounder already.

We delivered the Holiday Rambler to PPL Motorhomes yesterday morning to be sold on consignment.  We were delighted at the reaction they had to the condition of our former home, and the potential price we might get for it.

It’s been a busy few weeks, and we still have a few things on the agenda for November, but finding and moving into a “new” motorhome can be checked off the list.  Now we just need to get it organized.  More photos to come once we get things in order.

5 Comments leave one →
  1. October 29, 2013 2:39 pm

    Superb purchase Ralph, I hope it gives you many years of service.

  2. October 29, 2013 2:40 pm

    I love it and wish we could join you.

  3. William R Moore permalink
    October 29, 2013 5:58 pm

    I think your patience paid off handsomely I ‘m sure you are going to enjoy all the space the slide out provides. Enjoy it and all the upgrades Happy Trails.

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