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The Search for Another RV

October 6, 2013

We had looked at Class C’s while we were in the Dallas area, but nothing moved us.  After relocating to the Austin area, we’ve started again looking at motorhomes.  Aside from a couple of stops at other dealers, we spent Thursday and Friday at PPL in New Braunfels.  After a lot of time walking around, sitting inside and evaluaing, and opening a lot of storage compartments, we’ve decided to stick with a Class A coach instead of going to a Class C.  For the way we live, a Class A makes more sense in almost every way. We put a 30 footer on hold on Thursday, went home to sleep on it and went back on Friday. Changed our mind and put a 32 footer on hold, and went to lunch to talk. Came back ready to do the deal, but after one more walkaround, decided it wasn’t right, so we’ll continue to look. Funny how you get more picky after living in one for two years.

Last week when we looked in the Dallas area, a guy said the Class A feels the wind in the steering, and a Class C sways because it’s a bit more top heavy. I’m familiar with the steering effect, but not sure I’d like being more top heavy. One of the reasons for looking at a “C” had to do with the difference in the way they feel when driving. But I’ve given a lot of thought to the amount of time spent driving it and the amount of time spent living in it. It’s a shame to give up space when the percentage of driving time is so small. I’ve already driven through Pennsylvania, upstate New York, Virginia, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine without any problems with either driving or getting fuel, so much of my concerns are more mental than physical.  Keep in mind that I’m a Texas boy, used to miles and miles of long, straight, flat highway.  Driving large coach in other parts of the country requires a learning curve, and I’m still a student.  Nell has reminded me, though, that I have driven, without incident, through downtown Houston, Dallas, Austin, Nashville, Columbus, Chattanooga, Memphis and a couple of other large cities, and the color returns to my knuckles pretty quickly.

Floor space was a major reason for making a change.  This past summer we had more visitors inside the motorhome than the year before, and on several occasions we had dinners and lunches inside.  Cozy is fine, but with five or six people, we had decided that a bit more conversation space would be nice.  And in a Class A, the driver and copilot chairs can be swiveled around to add seating. Not many C’s offer that option. There’s just more living space and much, much more storage space in the basement compartments.  I had thought the overhead bed in a Class C could be used for storage, but it’s just not practical, and would become a bit unsightly after a while.

The intent is to go a little shorter and a bit wider, so we’re focusing on going down from 36 feet to 30 to 32 feet, if possible, with at least one slideout.  However, 4 to 6 feet makes a huge difference, especially in storage space. That’s why we’re taking our time and looking hard.  Even though we don’t have the art display panels anymore, which took up a huge amount of space, we still want to keep the other items we use for festivals and shows.  The Light Dome canopy with its side curtains, the tables, and a couple of tubs for artwork still have to travel with us.  The “basement” storage compartments are an important factor in the search, and although we did find that 32 foot Class A that had a great floorplan at a good price, we had to walk away because the storage just wasn’t sufficient for our needs.

We have plenty of time.  We’ll continue to look, and still hope to work with a company like PPL, where we can buy a “new” coach, move into it, and then leave the Holiday Rambler with them to sell on consignment.

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  1. October 6, 2013 1:16 pm

    Good hunting Ralph

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