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Satellite TV Antenna

September 28, 2013


For two years, we’ve depended on cable service at RV parks… or simply gone without TV.  Mostly we’ve gone without it.  But the time finally came when it was time to have TV.  So, while in the Dallas area, we bit the bullet.  That white thing is our new Tailgater satellite dish.  Inside the motorhome, it’s connected to a Dish VIP 211K receiver.  It’s supposed to be an easy, quick setup, but somehow I managed to make it difficult.  We spent over 4 hours trying to get it set up.  The last hour of that time was spent online with customer service folks.  The instructions say to get it set up and then call to set up your account.  We ended up letting the customer service people set up the account, and then help us finish setting up the system.

Once it was all done, it works really well and we get a great picture.  Now we can keep up with the news, watch NCIS on a regular basis, and Nell can get her HGTV fixes.

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