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Catching Up… One Stop at a Time

July 16, 2013

Time has flown… and so have we.  Well, we haven’t really flown, but we have covered some territory.   I’ll try to hit the high points with photos and fewer words than usual.


We spent a week at Babbling Brook RV Park, near Malone, New York, where we could literally hear the water rushing over a low waterfall right behind our bedroom window.


We spent seven nights here, and in spite of several days of rain, we really enjoyed it.  I’ll admit to watching the river closely on one particular day as we watched it rise a bit from all the rain.  But regulars kept coming into the park and setting up on either side of us with no concern.  I needn’t have worried.  We were 4 to 5 feet above the water level even at the highest flow.


We drove into the nearby town of Malone, New York several times.  Aside from picking up prescriptions and groceries from Walmart, we had lunch one day at Hosler’s Family Restaurant (a good open roast beef sandwich), and another day we got ice cream at a little shop on the main drag.


We also drove east to the town of Fort Covington, which is right on the Canadian border.  We had made sure our car insurance covered Canada, and had the documentation emailed to us.  As it turned out, we were uneasy about crossing over and returning with only dealer tags on the Honda, so we opted not to go further.  Naturally, the plates arrived the day before we were to leave.


A special treat was meeting Glenn and Sylvia Avery (and Bandit) at Babbling Brook RV Park.  They came down to the river to see what I was painting.  Nell saw us and came down as well, and we spent some time getting acquainted.   The next day, Nell made a peanut butter pie, and we took it over to their place and had some while sitting by their fire.  The next morning, we had breakfast in their motorhome while it was raining outside.  Glenn and Sylvia are great folks who very quickly became friends.


The day before we left Babbling Brook, Glenn and Sylvia took us for a drive around the area.  This old stone house was of special interest, and Sylvia wanted us to see it before it deteriorated any further.  We learned that Glenn had grown up within five miles of the RV park, and had family scattered around nearby.  We got a running commentary about some of the history of the area while Glenn drove.


On our last evening at Babbling Brook, they had a good dinner at the main building, followed by some great music.  This was not a band, just some very talented Canadian musicians jamming.  Left to right: Woody Boudreau, Mike Perron, Donna Cormier and Jack Noble.  Most of the vocals were sung by Jack Noble, with a definite classic country sound reminiscent of Bob Wills, Hank Williams and George Jones.  We loved every minute of it.


I got several plein air paintings done or started while we were here.  But Maine was beckoning, and it was going to take another two days to get there, so we left this beautiful spot and new friends, and headed toward Vermont and New Hampshire.

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  1. July 17, 2013 7:20 pm

    Thanks for the update. Looks like you’re having a great time. Hope you enjoy Maine.

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