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To Cedar Point State Park, New York

June 27, 2013

IMG_3963edited Friday, June 21, 2013 Once we hooked up the Honda and pulled out of our site at Evangola State Park, Nell entered the address for Cedar Point State Park into the Garmin.  It immediately gave a warning that there was a problem along our intended route.  I had originally programmed it using a truck profile rather than an RV.  I’m not sure what difference it makes, but we pulled into a parking lot at the park’s day use area and spent an hour trying to get things straightened out.  Nell finally got us profiled as an RV, but the GPS still showed a “No Trucks Allowed” warning on our intended route.  Our profile called for “No Tolls”, because we’re cheap, but we eventually turned that preference off.  Finally, the Garmin routed us north on Interstate 90, which is the New York Thruway, a toll road. We had avoided driving the motorhome on toll roads since the day we started travelling, but it was time to bite the bullet.  It cost us about $20 in tolls, but for us, it was a great decision.  Our original route would have taken us through much more scenic countryside along Lake Ontario, but we would have gone through a lot of small towns at speeds varying from 55 to 35 mph along curving, hilly roads.  The Thruway was a pleasure to drive, allowing me to relax and just get us there. cedar point state park nyWe arrived at Cedar Point State Park on Friday afternoon  Situated right on the St. Lawrence River, this park has a large campground that accommodates everyone from tent campers to travelers in big rigs IMG_3979at800 If we had been familiar with this park, we would have tried to reserve a different site, but for a two-night stopover, this was fine.  Backing in was a little tight with trucks parked along the road.  Neighbors offered to move them, but we made it fine.  Backing off the paved road, down through a small depression and onto the grass was different, but very manageable.  The spaces across the street had gravel pads and full hookups.  We had an electric hookup, with a community water spigot just to the left of the fire pit in the photo above.  The spaces were large enough to spread out if we had wanted to.  Instead, we just set the chairs out on our “grass veranda” and had coffee after dinner. The next day was designated a “do nothing” day, which just means we didn’t go anywhere.  We slept in, had breakfast, and took a long walk around the park.  Here are a few images: IMG_3987edited . IMG_3991edited . IMG_3993edited . IMG_4001edited . IMG_3983edited .. IMG_4012edited It started raining during the afternoon, and we decided to get out and at least check out the Sand Bay Inn Restaurant and Lounge just up the road from the park entrance..  Nell had seafood gumbo and I had a cup of clam chowder and perch francais.  It was tasty, and a lot of food, but maybe a bit rich for us.  We did take home leftovers, but didn’t eat them. . IMG_4016edited It rained heavily during the night, and we awoke on Sunday morning to dense fog covering the entire area.  We were in no hurry, so we went down to the river and saw the place in a completely different light. IMG_4019 Although the day started with zero visibility, we watched people hook up their trailers and fifth wheels and, one by one, make their way to the dumpstation and head out of the park.  We had two things in our favor: a) we didn’t have a long drive, and b) our destination, Babbling Brook RV Park, up along the Canadian border, was finishing a three day bluegrass music festival, and the owners asked us not to arrive until after 3 pm. We took our time, and revised our route, choosing to take a slightly longer route that would make driving on potentially wet highways a bit easier.  At 11 am, we rolled out of the park, stopped at a gas station conveniently located right across from the park entrance, then headed out.


Next: Babbling Brook RV Park, Westville Center, New York

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