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Unexpected Delays

May 13, 2013

Riverbend RV Park, Richmond, Texas-

It’s been an event-filled  couple of weeks!  Nell had her last follow-up appointment with the back surgeon on Monday, and we left Rockport, Texas on Tuesday.  We checked into Riverbend RV Park on Tuesday afternoon.  What should have been a little over two-hour trip took a good part of the day.  As we were preparing to leave Rockport, we dropped the motorhome down off the blocks and the hydraulic jacks, and I noticed a low tire.

We stopped first at the RV dealer to get the tires checked.  All the guy there could tell me was that a) he couldn’t get to the stem on the outside dually on the passenger side, and b) he couldn’t get the inside dually on the driver’s side to take air.


Fortunately, Craig’s Tire Repair was just a few blocks away.  This is a great bunch of guys.  I pulled in and did my best not to block too many vehicles, then found the manager and asked where he’d like me to park.  “Just leave it where it is,” he said, “We’ll get to you in about twenty minutes.”  Twenty minutes?  This was a busy place, with every bay full and cars in the parking lot.  I expected an hour or more before they even started.  Sure enough, in less than a half hour, they had me move into a position where they could reach all the tires, and went to work.


Turns out two of the valve stem extensions were leaking.  The inside dually on the driver’s side was completely flat, and the outside one was low.  These appeared to be the original extensions, and if so, then it was time for them to go.  They saved us money by sending me down the street to another RV dealer to buy new stem extensions, and as soon as I got back they installed the new extensions on all four back tires.  Yes, it took a couple of hours, but we were able to sit in the motorhome while they worked, and in fact, Nell made sandwiches so we could eat lunch when we got back on the road.  All the tires themselves were fine, and after making sure they were all at the proper pressure again, we finally got on our way, making the drive to Richmond, just northeast of Houston, without incident.  There is no question we could have had a catastrophic event at 65 miles per hour on the highway.


The total cost for the 4 extensions was around $70.  The shop manager charged us a grand total of $25 for the labor.  We plan to return to Rockport next winter, and instead of incurring $90 per hour labor costs for oil changes at the RV dealer, we’ll go back to Craig’s Tire Repair.  I noticed they also do oil changes and state inspections, and confirmed with the manager that they do those on RVs as well as cars.  I trust these guys more than I do the RV dealer, and the cost will be much lower.

riverbend rvpark

The drive from Rockport to Richmond, Texas was under three hours, and without incident.  We had looked up Riverbend RV Park on, and had been to the park’s website.  As a result, we weren’t sure what we’d find.  It’s a huge park with about 150 RV sites, and it’s pretty plain.  We wanted to stay within an easy drive to our kids and granddaughter.  This one had slightly better reviews than the two others nearby, and, as it turns out, the cost for an extended stay isn’t bad at all.


Yep, that’s a sling on Nell’s arm.  We came to Houston for four days of activity with our kids and grandkids before we got on the road to Ohio.  At the end of the first event on Friday night, Nell was coming down off the sanctuary platform, and missed a step.  We were planning on heading to Ohio on Monday, but a trip to the emergency room showed that her wrist was broken.  We were very fortunate to get an appointment on Monday with an orthopedic surgeon, and even more so to get on the surgical schedule for early Tuesday morning.

The surgery went very well, and, just as her back is finally getting better,  now Nell goes back into recovery mode.  So far, a week after the fall, there’s no sign of any complications with her back.  Of course, we’ve put our travel plans on hold until the orthopedic surgeon tells her it’s okay to travel and have someone in Ohio do the final followups and cast removal.  It hasn’t been a great year for Nell so far, but her spirits are good, and we manage to laugh at things and move on.


So… we expect to stay here at Riverbend in Richmond for a couple more weeks.  Things are starting to warm up in this part of Texas, and we had planned to head north ahead of the Houston humidity.  The air conditioner is running full force.  We did finally open some blinds and curtains to let the daylight in.  We’ve gotten used to that during daytime for the past year, and although the view isn’t wonderful, we don’t want to suffer too badly from cabin fever.

While we wait, we hope to see the Houston kids another time or two, and there are some interesting local sites on this side of Houston that we’d like to visit.

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  1. Yorky permalink
    May 20, 2013 6:13 am

    Poor Nell, hope it heals well.

  2. May 21, 2013 12:43 am

    Good that you found and resolved the tire issue before bad things happened. Sorry to hear of Nell’s mishap and hope she has a quick recovery. Despite the troubles, it probably feels good to be on the move again. You guys have a wonderful summer.

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