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Shower Drip Solution

May 1, 2013

We had a slow drip in the shower, coming from the shower head.  It was one of those drips you could stop by turning the faucet off with just a little more pressure.  I went to the RV dealer, and the conversation moved from replacing washers to just simply replacing the whole faucet assembly.  “Bring the old one in so we can be sure to match it up with the right one.”


Keep in mind, this is a 15 year old motorhome with a lot of miles on it.  We would love to replace this entire assembly.  It didn’t take much of an inspection to decide there was no way to remove it from the shower wall.  The shower wall is against the outside wall, with no access panel behind the faucet.  I took this photo back to the RV dealer, and the suggestion  was to remove the stems and bring them in, and try just replacing them.  Back home, I couldn’t see any way to get those stems out without bending or breaking something.


Since the drip occurred at the shower head, I decided to just simply stop it at the same point.  The old one did have an adjustment, but it didn’t work very well.  Today, we bought a new one, with a very definite and workable shutoff switch.  Hopefully, this will stop the drip.


A new hose replaces the old yellowed one, and new clear faucet handles help clean things up a bit.  We’d love to replace that old gold piece, but it looks like we’re stuck with it without some major work on the shower wall, and I’m not particularly excited about that.

Just more little things to bring our rolling house a little more up to date.

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