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Little Things

April 16, 2013

Coastal Oaks RV Resort, Rockport, Texas

We’ve been doing little things around the motorhome.  I wouldn’t say the air is crackling with excitement yet, but we are looking forward to getting back on the road, and anticipating new sights and new places.  Trips to Walmart and the local RV dealer are becoming more frequent, I think, as we think of those things we either need or we’d like to have.  It’s all pretty much utilitarian stuff.  For example, the RV dealer has a really soft brand of RV toilet tissue at about half what we pay at Walmart or grocery stores.  We’ve packed away about as many rolls as we can find room for.


I’m not a big fan of clotheslines in RV parks.  I’m talking about the rope strung between two trees kind.  I don’t mind it at all in campgrounds, but in an RV park, with mostly big fifth wheels and motorhomes, things are close enough without seeing laundry three feet outside the living room window.  A lot of RVers attach expanding clothes drying racks on their back ladder.  We saw one at the RV dealer, but it cost over $100.  We bought a freestanding one at Walmart for about $25.  It folds up and will fit in the outdoor storage nicely.  We needed a place to dry wash cloths, dish cloths, and towels that tend to start to smell bad before laundry day.

We picked up a tiny clock for my side of the bed.  Now if I wake up and want to know what time it is, I don’t have to raise up to see the clock on Nell’s side of the bed.  Like I said… little things.  And Nell wanted a portable AM/FM radio, so we got one that also has the NOAA weather band.


Of course, we also bought batteries.  We need to add batteries to the grocery list that hangs on the inside of the pantry cabinet door, so we don’t overbuy.  Today, as we were doing housecleaning things, we rearranged a few more cabinets.  In one of them, I found what must surely be a lifetime supply of batteries of all standard sizes.


We are, however, stocking up on Ranch Style Beans.  They go with many of the dishes Nell makes, and since they’re primarily a Texas product, the further northeast we travelled last summer, they became impossible to find.


We bought a toaster oven the other week.  So far, Nell has fixed cookies, toast, and egg-and-cheese sandwiches in it.  Today, we finally made room for it in an overhead cabinet so it doesn’t eat up surface space.

We’ve also gone through our closet, and clothes that are stored under the bed.  We knew when we started out that we were keeping too many clothing items, but we decided to live with it for awhile.  Now, after 16 months of fulltime RV living, it’s easier to look at things objectively.  We’ve been through a summer of travelling and two winters sitting in different climates.  It was time to eliminate some duplicates, as well as some things that just haven’t been worn at all.  When we were done, we had filled two plastic trash bags and made the closet a bit less packed.  The bags of clothing were deposited in a collection bin for Ronald McDonald House.  Let’s face it: we tend to wear the same things most of the time anyway.  We mostly hang out at campgrounds or RV parks or go sightseeing and eat out occasionally, so our wardrobes are pretty casual.  We don’t tend to do much that calls for dressy or semi-formal attire, so (in my case) a suit, a blazer, a couple of dress shirts and a couple of casual, Docker-style slacks is sufficient.  True “winter” clothes, which primarily means heavy shirts, sweaters and jackets, are now stored under the bed again.  We have, of course, stored some casual clothes under the bed, and just have to remember not to be tempted to buy new until we’re ready to discard things, and we keep a couple of cold weather things in the closet, because we have been surprised in the past by weather changes when we travel north.


And, in addition to adding some flowers to the patio, we finally found a couple of pink flamingos.  I like to think my Mom would have had a couple of these in her yard, if she’d thought of it.  But mostly, I think they’re a great reminder that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously.

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  1. April 16, 2013 2:40 pm

    love the flamingos.

  2. April 20, 2013 1:01 am

    Yeah, the little things matter too. Sometimes more than you would think. I’m still at the stage of getting my rig setup for my travels. The small things that can make a big difference will come later. I really appreciate you sharing these candid views of your full-time life.

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