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April 1, 2013

It’s been an odd month.  We’ve been out and about, but mostly for trips to stock up on groceries and the occasional meal out.  I’ve been a bit lax about posting travel stuff, mainly because we haven’t really travelled, at least not the usual park and walk kind of travelling.  So over the next few days, I’m going to just post a string of random images gathered from the last few weeks.


After a grocery shopping jaunt into Fulton/Rockport, a few minutes parked at Rockport Beach Park is a nice stop.


It’s been windy many days, and the awning doesn’t get set up very often.  This was a calm day.  We picked up some flowers at Walmart to add a little color outside the door.


There was one last potluck dinner on the clubhouse veranda before the Winter Texans started heading for home.


After driving off the ferry from Aransas Pass, Fins Grill and Icehouse is on the left, just past the first traffic light.  Pretty good cheeseburgers and great onion rings.


Fins is next to a marina, with a view of the harbor and friendly service.  A place with neon beer signs and the condiments on the table in a six-pack container can’t be all bad.


A short drive back past the ferry landing is Roberts Park, a favorite spot to sit and watch dolphins play and ships pass on the way to and from Corpus Christi harbor.


Roberts Park has been a prime spot to see things like the legs for the Bigfoot drilling rig heading in to a fabrication yard at Ingleside.  Bigfoot will be a multi-well platform in the Gulf of Mexico.  This was an awesome sight.


I had a beautiful day painting around Rockport.  At the little harbor, this scruffy shrimper was docked next to a large live-aboard sailboat from Hilo, Hawaii.  I got this far with the painting before a family in an SUV parked and blocked my view.


Another eatery that we’ll return to is JD’s Seafood Restaurant, on Highway 35 between Rockport and Aransas Pass.  To be honest, the fried shrimp here were our favorite so far.


JD’s has a couple of small dining rooms on one side with kitschy coastal decor.  There is also a large dining room on the other side capable of handling large groups.  A couple next to us had huge burgers that they said were wonderful.


Restaurants and marinas seem to cluster together along the coast here.  JD’s is next to Cove Harbor Marina, which has a huge covered dry-stack boat storage facility.  There was also a large outdoor storage yard, which provided a lot of photo opportunities.


The photo above is Nell a day after back surgery.  She’s doing really well, walking normally, with only the pain from the surgery itself, but not in the leg as before.  Five days after the surgery, we drove over to Port Aransas and spent a few days with family.  Photos from that outing are yet to come.

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  1. April 2, 2013 7:23 am

    Good to see Nell looking so well.


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