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Eating on the Texas Coast, with Charlotte, Frank & Virginia

March 12, 2013

Rockport, Texas

If you’ve been following us over the past year, you know that we love checking out local eateries, like Benno’s in Galveston, Texas, Fat Boy’s BBQ in Georgetown, Kentucky, and CC’s Smokehouse in Nacogdoches, Texas.   We’re finding an abundance of good food here along the Coastal Bend of Texas, and my waistline is suffering from it.


One of the first was Charlotte Plummer’s in Fulton, which I wrote about back in January.  Family members have a timeshare on Mustang Island, just out of Aransas Pass.  They arrived for a week, and we all went back to Charlotte Plummer’s.  Nell really likes their shrimp gumbo.

fulton oyster boats

Boat crews unload the day’s oyster catch on the Fulton docks behind Charlotte Plummer’s.  This photo was taken through the dining room window just behind our table.  The marina in this little harbor has quite a wide range of working boats and pleasure craft.


Fossati’s Deli, Victoria, Texas

In January, we drove away from the coast for a day, to Victoria, for Nell to be seen by a neurologist.  We traveled northeast over almost 70 miles of coastal plains.  Speed limit most of the way is 70 to 75, but crosswinds of 25 – 30 mph slowed us down a little.  We had a late lunch at Fossati’s Deli, the “Oldest Deli in Texas”.  It was first opened in 1882 by Italian immigrant Faschio “Frank” Fossati.  Apparently, Willie Nelson once played here.  Some online reviews have complained about the wait time, which is understandable during rush times.


Our waitress says the place is packed almost every day with the lunch crowd, plus they do a pretty large delivery business on many days.  The place was almost empty when we were there, so the service was quick and friendly.  We loved the atmosphere and the food was good

Virginia's On The Bay, Port Aransas, TX

Virginia’s On The Bay, Port Aransas, TX

We’ve been over to Aransas Pass several times, and eaten at Virginia’s On The Bay, again with family.  It sits right on the marina in the little harbor next to the ferry landing.


Virginia’s has glass along the back and one side, built as roll-up garage doors.  On a nice day, the doors are open to the Gulf breeze.


The view from Virginia’s On The Bay looks  out at the channel.  During one of our meals there, this huge tanker passed by on the way in to nearby Corpus Christi.

The Pollyanna

The Pollyanna

Dominating one part of the harbor is the Pollyanna, a 100 foot shrimper that apparently goes out early in the morning.  It’s our understanding that one can buy fresh shrimp right off the boat.


Robert’s Park, next to the ferry landing in Port Aransas, forms one side of the harbor and marina.  It’s a  favorite place for people to watch the passing ship traffic, and there’s an almost daily visit by a school of dolphins.


After a trip into Corpus Christi for Nell’s pre-op check-in, we circled around to Port Aransas from the northern tip of Padre Island.  It was getting late in the day, and after a brief stop for coffee with family, we all rushed on in to catch the passing of the Olympus  rig, headed to a construction yard at Ingleside.


The ferry back from Port Aransas is always another opportunity to see dolphins.  Here we barely caught one on camera, part of a school swimming between us and the next ferry.

So there you go:  Charlotte Plummer’s, (Frank) Fossati’s Deli, and Virginia‘s On The Bay.  And, even though our outings are limited right now, there is still more to share.  Stay tuned.

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