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Rainy Days and Wednesdays

January 9, 2013

The monitors on RV holding tanks are notoriously innacurate.  In the 14 months we’ve lived in the motorhome, we’ve learned that, in general, with two of us, the black water tank can go at least 7 days between dumps.  I have rarely tried to extend that, and that’s usually when we’ve been away from the RV for several days.  We don’t always write every little activity on the calendar, so Nell’s memory said I last dumped the black water last Thursday.  Today being Wednesday, the time had come.

It rained yesterday, and all night last night.  And it has been raining all day today.  It’s 51 degrees outside with a light breeze.  Not really cold, just wet.  I decided to brave the “discomfort” and go out and get the job done.  It didn’t take long, and now it’s done.

Back on December 6, 2011, when we’d only been living in the motorhome for about a month, I wrote:

The blackwater tank needs to be emptied today.  It’s sitting at 3/4 full, and I’m afraid to let it go higher.  It’s 30 degrees and damp outside, with a wind chill of 20 degrees and 14mph breeze blowing.

The forecast says that between 2pm and 4pm, it’s supposed to get up to 38, with sunshine.

I’ll wait until then.

We’ve learned a lot in the past 14 months.

For example, if the weather today had been like it was that day, I would have said, “You know, we can make it another day or so.”

Kind of like the day a week or so ago, when I was finishing a shower and realized the water was backing up at my feet.  The first time that happened, we panicked.  Since then, we’ve learned that the shower pan is the lowest spot, and that’s where gray water (gray, not black) backs up first.  This time, I calmly dried off and told Nell not to run any more water in the kitchen sink until I dumped the gray water.

Maybe I’ll complile a list of things we’ve learned.. about RV life… and about ourselves.

By the way, December 6, 2011 was a Tuesday.  We now know the black water dump could have waited until Wednesday.

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