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What Do You See?

January 5, 2013

What do you see when you travel?

Of course, we see the same things you do when we’re on the road: the grand vistas, the sunsets and sunrises, the famous buildings.  But do you see all the rest that’s out there?  The little scenes that pass by the window in a flash and then are gone?  Here are a few things we saw in the past year, recorded in paint…

The Gate

Driving around on a back road in the hills near Georgetown, Kentucky, we passed these two stone pillars.  We stopped, backed up and sat for a moment, wondering what was back down that overgrown driveway, hiding among the trees.  I suppose we could have driven or walked back in there a bit, since there were no “posted” signs.  But heck, that would have ruined the mystery.

at friendship village rvpark

We stayed at Friendship Village RV Park in Bedford, Pennsylvania.  I got up one morning and carried my painting gear over to the little lake that we passed by coming and going to our campsite.  Several nice people, total strangers, smiled and said hello as they passed by on the jogging trail behind me.

red umbrella

On an overcast, somewhat rainy day at Niagara Falls, this little guy was playing with an umbrella.  When I pointed my camera at him, he put on a little balancing act show.  It was a fleeting moment that no one else even noticed.  Now I have it recorded in paint.

edgewater park cleveland

While visiting Cleveland, Ohio, we drove around, trying to find a decent view of Lake Erie.  We finally stumbled onto Edgewater Park with a sand beach, a cove of protected, calm water, and the expanse of the lake beyond.


In Intercourse, Pennsylvania, we spent some time wandering around at a large group of interesting shops and food places.  These two fellows were entertaining the crowd.


After spending time window shopping at the usual markets along the highway through Intercourse, Pennsylvania, we turned onto one of the farm roads that took us back among the green fields and white barns of Pennsylvania Dutch country.  We rounded a little curve and were presented with this idyllic scene.

canal fulton

Taking a canal boat tour on part of the old Erie Canal in Canal Fulton, Ohio was an opportunity to slow down to a snail’s pace.  It was only about an hour, but the liesurely passage forced one to simply look, listen and observe.


We stopped overnight at an RV park in Richmond, Indiana called Grandpa’s Farm.  While taking a walk around the place, we saw this creek crossing that led into the fields beyond.

street corner1

We spent part of a day walking around downtown in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  This street corner, with the upstairs windows jutting out and forming a cover over the store entrance, is a typical sight in so many downtown areas in small towns everywhere.

There’s more, of course.  This is just a sampling, but it’s representative of the work I’ve been so fortunate to do as we’ve travelled.  Much of it is done after the fact, from the hundreds of reference photos we take along the way.  It’s a great way to remember, and to share our impressions of these places.

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