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At Woodlands Campground, Woodlands, PA

July 17, 2012

We drove 189 miles northeast yesterday to Woodland Campground near Clearview, Pennsylvania.  It was a fairly easy drive, with a couple of exceptions.  The exceptions being Seven Mountains.  When we arrived at Woodlands to check in, we commented on one particularly long uphill pull.  “Oh, you came over Seven Mountains.” said the owner.

A Sierra Club newsletter article by Ben Cramer in 2009 says in part:

“Central Pennsylvania is known for long and steep ridges that march across the landscape in roughly parallel lines for dozens or even hundreds of miles. This includes Tussey Mountain, which fills almost the entire horizon to the southeast of State College.

Several of these ridges stretch northbound almost uninterrupted out of South-Central Pennsylvania. But between Milroy and Potter Mills, Tussey Mountain and several of its sisters get tangled up in a mass of contorted ridges and canyons known as “Seven Mountains,” before utangling themselves and heading off separately to the east.

The Seven Mountains formation necessitates the scenic and engine-straining climb on US 322 on the way out of Milroy. At the top of the mountain, just before leaving Mifflin County and entering Centre County, westbound travelers on US 322 are greeted by the Seven Mountains Rest Stop, which might be most useful for resting one’s vehicle after the steep climb.”

Our 36 foot motorhome, towing the jeep, made it just fine.  But on that particular climb, we did get down to 35 mph with my foot on the floor.  It seemed like it would never end.  But there was no overheating, no problem, other than she was straining most of the way at high rpm’s.

Woodland Campground is a nice spot.  The RV sites are not right on top of each other, and we’re sitting in a 100 foot long pull-thru with full hookups: water, electric, sewer, and limited cable.  The wifi is excellent, a major change from Birchview Farms, where I was frustrated every evening trying to crop photos and write blogs.  Down the hill past the office is a nice little lake, complete with water lillies in bloom.

On Monday night, after dinner, we took a walk around the lake.  One can hear a few sounds of civilization, but for the most part, it’s a really peaceful spot.  John and Christie Walker bought the place four years ago, and have put a lot into bringing it up to par.  This is a hard-working couple.  Today, John was out in the heat of the day, doing maintenance work, and Christie was on the big mower cutting the grass.

We’ve seen several signs like this at RV sites.  At Kettle Kitchen Village in Intercourse, PA, we found a man who makes these signs.  Nell felt it was time for us to have one, so here we are.  Now when we go for a walk, we can always find our RV.

Today (Tuesday), Nell went to Walmart and I painted down by the lake.  We made our way back inside the motorhome sometime around 1 pm as the temperature got into the 90s.  The awning is out, mainly to shade the windows from the afternoon sun.  We’ll put it away this evening, because it’s supposed to be cloudy .tomorrow, and there’s rain forecast for the evening and overnight.  Since we’ll be heading out Thursday morning, we don’t want the awning to be wet.

We’ll probably have to have some work done on the awning when we get back to Mount Vernon, Ohio.  We heard a loud “snap” sound our last day at Birchfield Farms Campground.  We decided later to put the awning away for the night, and it wouldn’t roll up on its own.  We got it up, but I had to stand on the big stepstool on top of a picnic table to get it all the way up and locked in place.  We decided to put it out when we got here at Woodlands, but we’ll put it up this evening.  John, the owner, dropped a ladder off for us a little while ago, with an offer to help if we need it.

We met Gary and Judy Culp, from Punta Gorda, Florida this morning.  They had pulled into the site next to us yesterday evening, and were overnighting on their way to their place in the Poconos.  They’ve had their Holiday Rambler for 10 years, I believe, and went fulltime for a few years, then found a spot in Florida where Gary can use his sailboat.  Now they’re “half-timers”, as they put it.  Six months in Florida, and six months on the road.  A couple of really nice folks.  Gary offered a few tips from his experience, which we really appreciated.  We also appreciated his compliments on how good our 14 year old motorhome looks.  That’s always a good feeling.

Nell’s got the big stew pot simmering on the stove.  She says it’s called “New England Boiled Dinner”.  Ham and a lot of vegetables, including cabbage.  It’s starting to smell good.  We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but we’ll probably just take it easy… read and paint.  Nell’s trying to find a place in town to get her nails done.

We never said we were going to rough it.

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