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New Itinerary

May 22, 2012
Today has been Odd Stuff Day.  We unhooked and drove down to the nearby RV park to dump the holding tanks.  Since we have access to our host’s house and bathrooms, we’re managing to stretch the black water tank to 8 or 9 days so far.  Drove back and got all settled back in position by the barn.  There’s a pretty good dropoff from the road down onto the Bridges’ driveway, and the motorhome tends to lean a bit.  After having made the turn once already, I felt a little less apprehensive about it this time.  After lunch (leftovers from Buca), Nell drove into town to see her Mom while I researched festivals/shows in the area.  She returned with the new curtains for the windshield.  She had ordered them for about the third time from Camping World, and they finally arrived today.  The old curtains were stained from condensation and not very attractive.  The new ones are a bit whiter than she expected, but they are very crisp and clean looking.  It’s a tremendous improvement.
While Nell worked on the curtains, I did some mapping for our new itinerary.  We don’t know when it will be, but when we do get back on the road, the intent now is to head east on I-70 & I-76 first to Mill Run, PA.  I can’t go that close to the famous Frank Lloyd Wright house “Fallingwater” and not see it.  Next is Bedford, PA.  We’d like to catch a Civil War Re-enactment at Old Bedord.  Then to Chadds Ford to visit the Wyeth Museum.  I want to see some of the original work of N.C. Wyeth and Andrew Wyeth.  Looking forward to meeting Robert Bohne while we’re there.  Then through Allentown up to East Stroudsburg to visit the Frank Frazetta Museum.  I fell in love with Frazetta’s fantasy work a very long time ago, and would love to see some of his original paintings.
Along the way, if we can wrangle at least a one day stopover, we’d like to say hi to Claire Beadon Carnell, and then to Jane Ramsey and hopefully see her new horse farm.  After that, we’ll go north to meet kids and other family at Niagara Falls.  Hopefully there’ll be others who we can at least stop and have a cup of coffee with along the way.
The eventual return south will take us down through Bowling Green, KY (Bill Guffey), Chattanooga, TN (family), and Gadsden, AL (Craig Reynolds).  That part is at least four months away, though, so anything can happen.
Meanwhile, while we’re sitting here, I’m hoping to meet  up with Nancy Vance‘s plein air group one of these weekends in and around Columbus.
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  1. Doug permalink
    May 23, 2012 5:14 am

    What a wonderful itinrary Ralph, wish I could come along with you.


  2. May 23, 2012 11:28 am

    Hi Ralph,

    I live in the Chadds Ford, Pa., area only a few miles from the Brandywine River Museum. One thing you’ll want to see in addition to the Wyeth art is where both Andrew and his father lived (you can now visit N.C.’s studio…the River Museum offers tours). I’ve photographed both homes…here are links to a few of the images if you’re interested:

    My wife and I will be doing some traveling over the next month but if we’re around when you visit we’d be more than happy to show you around. The Brandywine Battlefield is also here and has an interesting little museum. This is a really beautiful area, particularly this time of year. Have a great trip!


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