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A Little Painting, A Little Traveling, A Little Shopping

April 28, 2012

Saturday, Searcy, Arkansas

The day started slow and quiet.  Nell read and I painted.

On Central Avenue, Little Rock, Arkansas, 4x6, Gouache

This is one of three little quick 4×6 studies I did this morning over about 2 to 2   1/2 hours.  I’m doing these from reference photos I’ve taken along the way.

Around noon, we climbed in the Jeep and drove to North Little Rock, about an hour away.  There were a couple of things we needed, and hadn’t been able to find them anywhere but Camping World.  The nearest one is in North Little Rock.  The next one is in Chattanooga, TN, and we won’t be going through there for another week or so.

We picked up a couple of tension rod type crossbars to keep stuff in the fridge and a couple of cabinets from falling out on our heads after we’ve been rolling down the road.  I’ve also been upgrading the sewer hoses and connections, so I bought a new see-thru connector for where the sewer line hooks up.  The old one was really grungy and neither one of us wanted to clean it.  Also bought a 50amp to 30amp “dog bone” adapter, and a little clip-on 12volt fan to put somewhere in the driver’s compartment for those days when the sun is beating through the windshield.

Also in the “stuff added” category, a couple of days ago at Walmart, we had bought a second 25 foot fresh water hose.  When we set up at Lake Catherine State Park, the water and electrical connections were at opposite ends of the RV.  To park facing the proper direction, we had to put our fresh water hose and gray water hose together.  Not wanting to do that again, we added an extra length of fresh water hose.  We also bought a couple of pull-down sunshades (the kind that attach with suction cups) to use on the side windows in the front cockpit area.  We bought those in the Baby department, by the way.

We headed back north to Searcy arond 2pm.  Since we hadn’t eaten all day, we stopped in Cabot and had lunch at Colton’s Steakhouse and Grill.  It’s a chain with locations in Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Kentucky and Tennessee.  We had eaten at the Colton’s in Searcy our first evening here.

If you ever pass through Cabot, Arkansas and feel the slightest bit hungry, stop at the Colton’s there and see if Jayme is on duty.  This young lady waited on us and made it an absolutely delightful meal.  We got excellent, friendly service from this Pre-K school teacher who also waits on tables.  We gave her a business card, so if she does actually happen to read this, here’s a shout out to her.

As we got back into Searcy, we made a quick stop at Walmart to pick up a rubber mallet and a couple of big cuphooks.  I’ll explain their purpose in another post.  Right now, we’re kicked back in the air conditioning, and I’m considering whether to paint a while longer.

Another good day for us.

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