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Quiet Days in Searcy, Arkansas

April 26, 2012


We unhooked from Lake Catherine State Park and drove 100 miles northeast to Searcy, Arkansas.  The visit to Searcy has been planned since before we left Dallas.  The seals on the double-pane glass windows in our 14 year old motorhome had started to fail.  The result is windows that are starting to be permanently fogged up.  It’s an industry-wide problem with all manufacturers over time.

We are at the RV Fog Dr. in Searcy, AR., waiting our turn to have all our windows made new again. We’re in good company.

Behind the building next to us is a bigger building with high work bays.  There are four or five other motor coaches being worked on ahead of us, most of them in the $100k to $250k range and up.  When we drove in, we got the impression of an impromptu gathering of RVers.  Several of the owners were sitting in lawn chairs in the work bays, chatting as if they were at a campground.  Our humble rolling abode will get its place in a bay next week.  Right now, we just have to wait our turn.  So this is where we will be for several days, about 50 miles northeast of Little Rock.  We’ll pretend we’re camping somewhere and check out the surrounding country.  The GOOD news is that we have full hookups and won’t be paying a fee while we’re here.

See how easy it is to hide a 36 foot motorhome?

 We’ve read a lot of really good reviews and testimonials about this place.  And a couple of the folks who were here when we arrived added their good comments as well.  A few of the windows can be fixed by the process of removing the glass, separating the panes, cleaning, then putting them back together with a new seal.  Some can’t be fixed this way, and will require new glass.  They will measure the windows and cut new glass.  Then we will drive to Memphis with the glass, where it will be tempered, and then we will bring it back, apparently all in the same day.  (That’s kind of an odd approach, but it’s how they do it.  Otherwise, they send it on a truck and get it back in ten days or so.)  The actual installation will take a day or two.  So, the best estimate right now is that we might be back on the road by next Wednesday or Thursday.


This morning we hit IHOP for a late breakfast, then spent an hour at Walmart, picking up a few things.  After another stop at the grocery store, we’re back at the RV.

I should be painting, but I’m giving serious consideration to taking a nap, instead.

We did get a nice sunset over the shops and storage yards.



Painting in the studio

Another quiet day so far.  Nell’s gone to do girl stuff (nails, toes, etc.), and I’m painting in the studio.  The subject is a boathouse we saw at Caddo Lake.

One of Nell’s neices lives in Little Rock, and she and her family are driving over to have dinner with us this evening.

We may see what there is to see around Searcy during the weekend.

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  1. William R Moore permalink
    April 27, 2012 6:06 pm

    Ralph, Just a thought about the palette arrangement. Looks like you are right handed, wondering if the long side of the palette with paint was on the left side, would it be more convenient reaching into those wells? I know that is not a big thing, but it was a thought. Will the brush holder and brushes fit to the right of the palette for storage?

    Glad to see you finding time to paint. Glad you opted to paint rather than getting a Pedi and Mani. Ha, taking the wife at 1:30 for same.

    Great that the FOG DR. had the fore site to provide the hookups for customers. That alone speaks volumes.

    • April 27, 2012 9:20 pm

      William, it’s a thought. I’ll give it a try and see how I like it. Yes, the brush holder and brushes fit right in that spot on the side of the palette. The brush holder’s main function is to keep smaller brushes from slipping through the crack when the easel is stored upright. Thanks!

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