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Heading Northeast

April 21, 2012

Friday Evening, Livingston, Texas

Yesterday was a quiet day.  Nell went to the grocery store to stock up on a few little things, and did some housekeeping inside the RV.  I did a couple of things on the RV and painted part of the day.  You can see the paintings here.

We had an exterior side panel at the rear wheels on the passenger side that was loose.  It wasn’t really flapping, but it did stick out about a half inch further than the compartment door back there.  There was a bracket still in place, so I drilled a couple of new holes in the metal framing, moved the bracket and put a new screw in.  All of this is hidden inside the compartment door frame.  A really minor item, but one of those things that could become worse if left unattended.

I pulled out the old sewer hoses and tossed them in the dumpster at the park.  Replaced them with the new Camco hose(s).  We stopped at the dump station on the way out Friday morning, and only used one of the 10 foot sections.  It was the perfect length for dumping.  When we arrived at the Escapees RV Park in Livingston, TX on Friday afternoon, I only needed one 10 foot section there as well.  It’s so much easier than snaking a longer hose over a bunch of supports to get a good flow.  Now I’m looking for a new see-thru angled connection for where the sewer hose attaches to the RV.

We started Friday by having a fairly leisurely cup of coffee.  Hosed off the RV and the Jeep to get some of the salt film off.  Showered, connected the Jeep, and hit the dump station on the way out of the park.

We took the 610 Loop around Houston around 11:30 am without a problem, and then got on Hwy 59 heading northeast to Livingston.  We watched dark clouds building up, but the weather held off until we got checked in and settled at the Escapees RV Park just outside of Livingston. Once we were hooked up, the rain and thunder started, and lasted several hours.

We’ve just spent some time with Google, and have mapped out the drive to Searcy, Arkansas.  It’s about a 7 hour drive, but we’ll spend two or three days getting there.  Not much for us here in Livingston, so the plan is to make a couple of stops in town in the morning, including getting the propane tank filled, then we’ll get back on the road.

We’ve made a reservation for tomorrow night at an RV Park about three hours up Hwy 59 at Marshall, Texas.  That will be another overnighter.  Then we’re looking at a state park near Hot Springs, Arkansas for a couple of nights before making our appointment at the RV Fog Dr. in Searcy.  I’m trying to hold the line at about 3 hours or so driving in a day.  Driving this big rig with the Jeep in tow takes a lot of attention and gets tiring a lot sooner than in a car.

But seeing Nell sitting in the passenger captain’s chair, looking like the Queen of the Road sitting on a mobile throne, is priceless.

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  1. Doug permalink
    April 21, 2012 5:52 am

    Brilliant Ralph! You’re on your way now.


    • April 29, 2012 5:31 pm

      A belated thank you, Doug! There were times when it probably didn’t look like we’d ever make it.

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