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Business and Maintenance

April 19, 2012

Today was business day.  The license plates for the Jeep came in at the dealer.  The dealer is on the other side of Houston.  So we made the 1 1/2 hour drive there, then swung around Houston and had lunch with our oldest daughter.  Our updated drivers licenses had also come in (she receives our mail).  Got back to Galveston around 4pm.  Stopped at the grocery and picked up salad makings and boiled shrimp.  Got to the RV, put the awning out and went for a really long walk on the beach.  At this time of day, the awning doesn’t accomplish anything as far as being outside, but it blocks the sun from a couple of windows and helps keep the RV interior cooler.

Just before sundown, this shrimper was working about a hundred yards out.  I zoomed in for this shot, so the distance is deceiving.  We had a wonderful dinner (salad, boiled shrimp, cantalope, and bread), rolled up the awning (we need the practice), and settled in for the evening.

Tomorrow is a day to do a couple of maintenance things on the RV, and I want to do a little painting as well.

When we went to the dump station a couple of days ago, we discovered the old sewer hose had a hole in it.  Not pleasant.  So we bought Camco’s Revolution RV sewer hose kit.  It seems to have gotten some good reviews and just might be our solution.  Our old hose was a 16 footer.  We had a shorter one that was about 6 feet.  The 16 foot hose works fine at an RV park.  But it’s way too long at a dump station.  And the 6 foot one is too short at a dump station.  Camco’s product comes in two 10 foot sections with a special connector.  It can be used as a 20 foot hose, or separated and used as a 10 foot hose.  Tomorrow I’ll toss the old hoses in the dumpster and replace them with the new ones.  We bought ours at Walmart for about the same price as Cabela’s.  Looks like you can get it a little cheaper on EBay.

We now have license plates on the Jeep (instead of the temporary dealer’s tag), and drivers licenses with our updated mailing address.  The insurance cards on both the Jeep and the RV have been updated as well.  So now all of our ID’s and paperwork all have the same address.

This 12 day stay in Galveston was intended as a Vacation (capital V), relaxing, shifting gears, doing things we normally don’t do.  We’ve eaten out a lot, which we rarely do.  That will change.  Friday we’ll pull up stakes and hit the road, and begin to settle into some kind of travelling/living routine.  We plan to stop for at least a day at the Escapee’s RV Park in Livingston.  Then we’ll work our way northeast to Searcy, Arkansas.  That’s the home of the RVFog Dr.  We’re going to have the double pane windows in the motorhome either defogged or replaced.  We don’t know how long that will take, but we’ve got well over a month before we need to be in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

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