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Stormy Weather

April 15, 2012

Galveston, Texas

Our beautiful weather left us a couple of days ago.  The wind has been blowing 30 to 40 mph off the Gulf, making it a little uncomfortable to be outside for long.  The forecast calls for strong storms tonight.  Our biggest concern would be wind, but the forecast doesn’t call for any higher winds than we’ve been having.  We’ve had rain and wind in a couple of other locations, so we can handle that.  The forecast also calls for possible large hail.  That would be a new experience for us, and we’ll just have to see what that brings.  So far, we’ve just got a gray sky out over the Gulf, with some patches of blue showing inland.    The worst thing about wind is that you just don’t sleep real well.  Even with six big tires and four hydraulic levelling jacks on the ground, a strong gust will rock the boat slightly.

And we’re talking eight tons of motorhome.  We expect to fare better than the couple who rolled into the park a couple of hours ago and put up a tent.

At any rate, it may be an interesting night.

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