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Galveston: The First Three Days

April 10, 2012

We’ve covered Sunday, the day we arrived in the previous blog post.  On Monday, we got up very late for us, almost 8am.  We took a walk on the beach, ate breakfast, and made a supply run to Kroger and Walmart.  We stumbled onto an RV Park that might be kind of cool to spend a few days at during the winter.  It’s a little pricey, so we wouldn’t stay long, but it would put us on the water next to a marina.  We stayed inside a good part of the day, nursing sunburns.  The day seemed to rush by, and before we knew it, Nell was fixing tamales, guacamole and salsa for dinner.

Tuesday morning, Nell did some paperwork while I painted.  I stayed near the RV and did little sketches of things I could see from our site.  We spent a pretty lazy day, not doing a lot, and around 4:30 in the afternoon, we made our way to the beach.  Nell took her fishing gear and I took my easel.  I painted while she fished.  How’s that for some kind of role reversal?  She loves to fish, and it’s just not something I particularly enjoy.  The good news is that wherever she fishes, I’m likely to find something to paint.

Here are some images from the first couple of days at Galveston…

Isabella's Shoes


Bouncing back nicely from Hurricane Rita

A scene on Seawall Boulevard

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