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Ready to Roll

April 7, 2012

We spent the morning washing the RV.  After lunch, Nell took the Trailblazer to be washed and detailed for the buyer, who takes possession tomorrow.  While she was gone, I reorganized the ‘basement’ storage compartments (think straightening… up the garage).  I varnished three little paintings which I had bartered for certain goods and services (well, we didn’t have any chickens), and when Nell got back, we did a little modification on the entry steps.
It was a totally full day from morning to evening.  My feet and back were killing me, but we had finally completed our very long, year-long To-Do List.  Since tomorrow is technically their day off, we walked up to the office and said our farewells to Fred and Verna Muzyka, the managers here at Woodland Lakes RV Paark.  These are two really nice folks who took good care of us during the month we were here.  Anytime we need a stopover in this area, this would be our place of choice.
Today we deliver the Trailblazer.  This evening we will join our daughter and her family as they celebrate Passover.  And tomorrow morning we’ll unhook from the RV park for the last time, attach the Jeep for towing.  We’ll jump onto I-45 and head south, through Houston to Galveston.  We hope to get to Galveston Island State Park late morning and find a spot where we can see the water over the sand dunes.
The hard work is done.  It’s time to relax.
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  1. William R Moore permalink
    April 7, 2012 4:46 pm

    It’s time to relax…well earned. You two have recently been very busy and productive. ENJOY!

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