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Passing Inspection

April 6, 2012

Thursday… Feeling really good about the motorhome.  We dropped it off this morning at Vic’s Precision Automotive on Needham Road, not far off I-45 near the Woodlands, Texas.  It’s just up the road from where we are at Woodland Lakes RV Park.  In addition to an oil change, they did a pre-trip inspection, giving it a thorough checkup.

If you’re ever in the Woodlands/Conroe/Spring, Texas area and need an automotive shop, Vic’s is the place to go.  These folks are not only friendly, but they tell you up front what it’s going to cost, bend over backwards to take care of you, and they get the work done.  They provided shuttle service when they worked on the jeep, taking me back to the RV park, then coming back and picking me up when the work was done.

While the RV was being checked out, we did a little last minute shopping, adding to our shorts and tee shirts wardrobes, and treating ourselves to an IHop breakfast.

Keep in mind, ours is a fourteen year old motorhome with over 90 thousand miles.  When we were told that all the belts, hoses and fluids were perfectly fine, that everything checked out, and that there are no leaks anywhere, it was a good feeling.

It was due for the annual Texas State Inspection, so they took it themselves to get it inspected, and while it did pass, they reminded us that the Vehicle Registration was due, which we had somehow completely overlooked.  The notification that comes in the mail isn’t forwarded, and since we’ve moved a couple of times, it never caught up with us.

We’re maintaining Texas as our domicile state, with an address in Fort Bend County as our address of record, which meant we needed to register the RV in Fort Bend County.  After taking the RV back to the park, we made the 100 mile round trip to the Fort Bend County Tax Assessor’s Office to get the registration done.  Friday is a government office holiday, and we leave town on Sunday, so this had to be done immediately.  Fortunately, things were quiet and we got in and out of the Tax office quickly.

We got back to the RV around 3:30 in the afternoon.  We hadn’t had lunch, so we sat down and ate the fried chicken and potato salad Nell had made the day before.  Then we went to Walmart and bought the outdoor lounge chairs we had found a few days ago.  Got back totally exhausted and crashed in front of the TV.

Tomorrow, we wash the RV, reorganize the basement storage compartments, do some housework and laundry.  We’re on a schedule.

But it’s a good schedule.

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  1. William R Moore permalink
    April 6, 2012 4:37 pm

    “Takin’ care of bidness”. Great report on RV condition and the heads up on registration. So we can expect to see you somewhere in Fort Bend County this time next year or will you be able to register by mail?

    Richard Secor “RV Painter” picked up his new RV yesterday. Don’t know who is more excited to be hitting the road. After your visit in Maine this Summer, I assume you will be heading west across the northern states and back south in the winter. Take care out there on the road. I’m looking forward to all of your blog post. I know there will be some amazing experiences and amazing paintings.

    • April 6, 2012 11:10 pm

      William, we can do the registration online, but still have to physically come to Texas to have the State Inspection done. I know Richard from when I was more active on, and I know he must be flying high. The good news for him is that they can hit the road in a brand new RV, although I don’t regret the experience we’ve had of updating this one at all.

      We’ve revised our itenerary a bit. Nell’s mom has some health issues, and rather than get ourselves too far up into the northwest, we’re going to roam around Ohio and Pennsylvania for a couple of months instead. We plan to meet family at Niagara Falls, come back through Ohio and hopefully do the Dan Emmett Festival in Mt. Vernon again in August. There’s just so much to see that we’ll still have the time of our lives. Maine and Nova Scotia may have to wait until next year. Either way, we’ll leave a trail of words and paintings.

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