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Almost There

April 2, 2012

Woodland Lakes RV Park, Conroe/Woodlands, Texas

Saturday.  Nell’s first weekend of retirement.  We went out and bought this 27″ digital TV to replace the old tube analog TV.  With the intention of removing the old TV from the dash, we put this one on top of the table by the door, thus putting it in front of us.  No more craning our necks to the side to watch TV!  When we relocate from one place to another, we’ll unplug the TV and lay it on the bed while the RV is in transit.

We disconnected the analog/digital converter, and identified all the antenna and cable wires in the overhead cabinet above the dash.  We drilled holes between the overhead cabinets and ran the antenna cable through them and dropped it down to the TV.  There is a 120Volt AC outlet below this table, so we didn’t have to run any additional wiring.  Once we got everything connected, we programmed the TV and were in business.

Sunday: We had not put the awning out since we moved into the motorhome.  This seemed like a good day to do that. And to sit on the “patio” with a cup of coffee, and enjoy the fact that we had no neighbors blocking our view of the pond.  There were a couple of steps we had forgotten, but we got the awning up and were surprised at how much cooler the interior was with the awning blocking the sun.

Nell took it easy and I set up shop in the Outdoor Studio.  I had some reference photos I wanted to work with, so I used one of them rather than paint what was in front of me.  I fully intend to paint outdoors this way in the future, so this was a good exercise.  We had bought a printer a couple of weeks ago, so I could print out the reference material, clip it to a piece of foamcore board, and have it in front of me while I painted.  The backpack is full of art supplies, and, on a day with a bit of wind blowing, heavy enough to use as an anchor for the french easel.  To see the painting I worked on, visit my Art Blog.

On Monday morning, we had to pull the awning in real quick about mid-morning when the wind got high just before the rain started.  Fortunately, we had already had a chance to sit outside and drink our morning coffee.  We removed the big tube TV from it’s spot in the dash, and the little TV tucked away in a bedroom cabinet. We’ll have to build something into the big TV space in the dash.  For now, we’ve just added these baskets to fill the hole and provide a little more storage.

The little cubbyhole cabinet at the top of the bedroom drawers held a small tube TV.  We haven’t had a TV in the bedroom in many years, so that was valuable space being wasted.  We had been setting a small fan on the countertop of the hallway china cabinet at night to blow air into the bedroom.  Keep in mind there is not enough headroom for a ceiling fan, but this little spot was perfect for a small fan, just enough to move the air around in the bedroom at night.  Yes, we have air conditioning, but we’re hoping to spend more time with windows open and fresh air coming through the RV.  This little fan should help a lot.

We made a trip to Goodwill and dropped off the TVs and a few other odds and ends, including some of Nell’s work clothes, made a Walmart run, and are now kicked back inside watching the weather go through a rotation from rain to sunshine and back to rain.

Tomorrow we go to Master Hitch and get the towbar installed on the Jeep, a hitch installed on the RV, and get some instruction on how to hook up and unhook.  Once that’s done, the only other really major item is to deal with the issue of internet access while on the road.  It may turn out to be a costly item, but we have to be connected as much as we possibly can.

Workin’ the list and checking things off.

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