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A Day Running Around Houston

March 11, 2012

We celebrated our 22nd anniversary running errands.  Bought some art supplies, then had a good lunch at Pollo Riko, a place Nell used to have lunch at when she worked in Houston several years ago.  She wanted to see if it was still as good as she remembered.  It was good, simple, basic food: roasted chicken, salted potatoes, red beans, a couple of tortillas, and a green liquid salza of some kind that bordered on liquid fire.  We ordered at a counter, and sat in a very plain, sinple dining room, the only non-Spanish speaking patrons in the place.  But it was Saturday.  I’ll bet the place is full of Anglos having lunch during the week.

We’re about the pull the front curtains over the windshield as it grows dark outside, listening to occasional thunder and the spattering of rain on the roof.  More rain is forecast tomorrow.  We’ll probably stay inside, cozy here in the motorhouse.

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  1. March 11, 2012 11:57 pm

    Happy Anniversary! I still wish I could have made it to the wedding. My mother is getting married in July. My brother and I will walk her down the aisle.

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