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A Very Short Move

March 7, 2012

When I called and made our reservations for Woodland Lakes RV Park, the nice lady on the phone suggested we go into a site in the front, paved section since Nell would be getting up and commuting to work every day.  The management here has been pretty honest about the fact that when it rains heavy, it can get muddy in places, especially in the back, gravelled part of the RV park.  But I’ve sat here every day and watched, and can honestly say they are working on it.  When we checked in, we chose to go into the back section, in order to have a view of the large lake, and a short walk to some good painting spots.

The weather hasn’t been too bad here so far, and I’ve managed to do quite a bit of outdoor work.  But, according to the weatherman, that’s all about to change.  The forecast is calling for rain, a lot of it, over the next week at least.  So… I’ve had a week and a half of the location across from the big lake, and now it’s time to take care of my dear wife and partner.

Our new site at Woodland Lakes RV Park

When I walked up to the office to discuss a relocation, I passed two spots that looked promising.  Honestly, the other one just didn’t look long enough to handle both our 36 foot motorhome and the car.  But more importantly, this spot had that nice little sidewalk that someone had added sometime in the past.  Management couldn’t be more accomodating.  I was told to pick either  spot, and let them know when I got hooked back up.

This is perfect.  No heels getting stuck in the ground, no muddy shoes while getting to the car to go to work.  Even the driveway itself is hard, packed down pea gravel.  And the roads in this front section are paved.  This spot must have been home to a long-term resident at some point in the past.  We’ve noticed, at least in two parks so far, that folks who stay for a long time tend to dress things up a bit.

The view out the front window isn’t bad.  And if we stand at the front of the RV, looking past the tree on the right, we get this:

I look at it as a change of scenery, and besides, it’s not that much of a hike to the back part of the park where I’ve been painting for the past week.  There’s a little more traffic here, but having a paved road instead of gravel means the passing vehicles don’t make quite as much noise.

I probably could have parked a little further over to allow more room for the awning, but this way, the steps lead right down to the concrete “sidewalk”.  And the awning will still go out.  If we have a rig parked next to us, we wouldn’t raise it up very high anyway.

The move from one site to another didn’t take long.  I unhooked the electrical cord, water hoses and sewer hose and stowed them, then I sort of “semi travellized” the inside, since I wasn’t going far nor very fast.  Getting set back up only took a few minutes.

Heck, if the weather’s bad, I can sit in the recliner and look right out the window and do some serious tree limb sketching.

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