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Picture hangers & paint

February 29, 2012

Here’s a bit of a public service announcement.  We hung all of our paintings in the motorhome using 3M’s command strip adhesive-backed picture hangers.  The artwork stayed up perfectly for three months.  Then we painted the walls.

The first thing to fall was the clock over the door, followed a couple of days later by the first small painting.  In general, it took 2 to 3 days for things to start falling.  My first thought was that the new clear plastic hangers with an open back just weren’t as good as the original white ones.  This morning, a small picture using one of the white hangers fell.  So much for blaming 3M.

Vibration from motorhome movement over the road wasn’t the culprit, because several things have fallen that were hung after we relocated.  That pretty much narrows it down to the new paint.  I still think the hangers will get the job done.  I think we just didn’t wait long enough before putting them up.  We’ve taken a new paint job from Dallas down to a far more humid Houston area.  I suspect the paint just needs to cure for a much longer time.

And… we got in a hurry in another way.  The instructions on those hangers tell you to press them onto the wall and let them sit for a period of time before hanging anything on them.  Apparently, we aren’t smarter than 3M.

The wallboard in these RVs is much thinner than the drywall in a house.  We didn’t think a nail would hold, and we hated to put new holes in the walls.  We may try standard picture hangers on a couple of them and see how they do.  It’s not like we’ll be moving artwork around.  There are only a few specific places to hang it.  Whatever it takes, we will not live without art on the walls of our home.

We’ll figure it out.

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