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The New Place

February 27, 2012

Morning mist rises off the surface like wisps of smoke, little ripples disturbing the otherwise glassy reflections on the water.  The sun appears as an orange spot through the trees, then starts throwing shadows across the water as it begins its ascent into a clear blue sky.  It’s a quiet Sunday morning here at this RV Park outside of The Woodlands & Conroe, Texas.

Two small ducks paddle and dive among the shoreline grasses, having breakfast as the larger flock forages along the bank.

And others take flight, maybe to see what’s good today in the other two ponds.

Our oldest daughter, Carol, and her family arrive in the afternoon to see the changes that we’ve made to the motorhome… and Hemi’s very happy to see some new faces and get a little attention.

Son-in-law Scott tried to tempt the fish that are supposed to be in the lake.

And granddaughter Isabella just hung out.

Decent weather (although still a bit cool) gave Nell a chance to relax in the sun a bit before starting her final five weeks at the Houston office before she retires.

Even though the forecast calls for rain the next few days, I think I’m going to like this spot.

There might be a few paintings here somewhere.

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