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Re-doing the Window Coverings

February 16, 2012


There’s really nothing wrong with the window coverings.  They were probably very stylish in 1998.  But now, 14 years later, it’s time for a change.  We had taken one like this off the kitchen window a couple of weeks ago, but the plan at that time said “toss it”, which we did.  And we didn’t take the time to see how it was made.

So, now that we have a better idea what we want to do, I took the existing valance and surround off the wall above the dining table… and dismantled the unit to see how it’s made.

It turns out that those “tufted” raised portions are actually thin pieces of plywood wrapped with fabric.  They are attached with short screws from the back of the long piece.

The vertical side pieces are easily removed from the back.  The little Black & Decker cordless screwdriver Nell picked up for me at Home Depot has come in handy.  They used a lot of screws in these things.  Notice also in this photo, the “L” bracket that holds the top and front pieces together.

We end up with a simple valance that can be taken apart, wrapped with new fabric, then put back together, ready to be hung back on the wall.

The miniblinds hang from the inside top of the valance, held by these plastic brackets.  We’ll be putting new miniblinds back up on some of the windows.  There are some really nice day/night shades for RVs, but they’re pricier than we want to spend right now.  The $400 difference for four windows can go toward something else.   Maybe someday.  For now, we’ll go with standard mini-blinds.

We’ve spent most of our married life with the same general colors in our homes.  We’ve always tended toward combinations of red and green.  As we approach our twenty-second anniversary and set out on a new way of life, it seemed appropriate to bring some fresh colors into our environment.  The blue denim will cover the valances.  At this point, we plan to eliminate the side pieces, and go with mini-blinds behind the blue-and-white patterned fabric for curtains.

We’ve chosen a Martha Stewart paint color called Buckwheat Flour to use on the walls throughout the RV, and the hope is that the blues and off-whites will feel somewhat reminiscent of a calm, sunny beach cottage.  The denim quietly speaks of the casual life we’re looking forward to.  We’ll maintain our old color scheme in the bedroom with reds and greens.

Today, I’ll remove all the remaining window coverings.  We have just enough towels to cover all the windows for privacy.  There is just enough tint on the windows that it won’t be noticeable from outside.  Once all the blinds and valances are removed (and I find a place to store them), I’ll start taping everything off.  The weather apparently isn’t going to cooperate, with rain in the forecast, but, as always, we’ll manage.

So far, we’ve kept all our updating work inside, and people who come and go outside have no clue that we’re changing the appearance of this place inside.

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