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Another Update

January 25, 2012

We were talking the other night about how much we’ve learned and progressed. As I’ve said, sitting here for the winter has been good preparation for traveling in the RV. One thing we’ve realized is that we know enough about the systems now that we can boondock for several days and live comfortably. (A fellow travelling artist made me aware that I may not have been using the term “boondocking” properly in a recent blog post. Keeping it simple: we will be able to live totally self-contained in remote areas (national forests and other federal land, for example) without the need for any hookups.

Think about that. With our fresh water tank and holding tanks, and some simple conservation techniques, we won’t need water or sewer hookups. The propane tank will allow us to cook, and have hot water and heat on cool nights. The onboard generator can recharge the batteries that operate the lights. Of course, we will need to take on fuel and water periodically, as well as dump the holding tanks. (I’m still learning how often that needs to be done.) No, we don’t want to live like that for any extended period of time, but it does allow us much more freedom and flexibility, and will be a good way to keep costs down by spending fewer nights in commercial RV Parks. We do intend to spend time in State Parks and local and county campgrounds. We still will want to enjoy an occasional long shower.

Hemi in his lookout spot

Hemi has been getting acclimatized to his new home as well.  A major change for him is being able to see more of the world passing by.

Sitting in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for the winter has taught us how to stay warm, alternately making use of the furnace and a small electric heater (and good old fashioned quilts that Nell’s mom made.). We’ve had some rainy days and nights, but last night was a true test of how solid this rig is. It rained all night… and the wind blew. This morning I did some checking, and didn’t find any indications of any water leaks. I know there has been a leak somewhere up front in the past, on the driver’s side, and that will be something we’ll explore eventually, but I don’t think it’s doing it now. It rained hard for at least twelve hours straight or longer, and there was no sign of a leak.

The leveling jacks provided good stability in last night’s storm. Yes, we did get a little movement a few times, but nothing like we had before we had repairs done.

I’ve painted outdoors a couple of times, and over the last two days, I’ve started getting my “studio” touch back with some serious small paintings done indoors.  You can see one of them here.

The flooring project is almost done. We’ve added quarter-round trim, and all that’s left is to darken it a bit with some stain. A little caulking in the bathroom will finish the job.

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