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Update on Repairs

January 16, 2012

We’re back at North Texas RV in Sherman… waiting on another part. The switch we were waiting for last week did come in. But when the RV tech got back under the rig, he found that there was a bit more damage to the top of the leveling jack cylinder. The jack would need to be removed in order to see what was there. And… it appeared that the gas tank would have to be removed in order to gain access to the bolts to remove the jack. It was Friday, and there was no question we were coming back on Monday for Round Two.

We needed to get the cargo trailer emptied out. We were committed to deliver it to the buyer in Houston the next day (Saturday). So I got the propane tank topped off, and made the 80 mile drive back to Northlake Village RV Park. Nell left work in time to be waiting for me when I got back to the RV Park around 4pm. We got the RV backed in easily enough, and I hooked up the utilities. Then we got the cargo trailer out of the storage lot and parked it next to the RV. By the time it was nearly dark, we had removed everything from the trailer and stowed it either in the RV or in the Trailblazer, leaving just enough room for Hemi, the laundry basket, and an overnight bag.

It wasn’t supposed to freeze overnight, but when we got up Saturday morning, the outside hose was frozen. Been there before, knew what to do. We turned on the water pump and worked from the onboard freshwater tank. Spending time at the repair shop in Sherman has been another step in our evolution to fulltime RVers. We’ve been almost boondocking for several days at a time. For those who don’t know, boondocking is camping with no hookups, essentially making use of the self-contained capabilities of the RV. At the RV Park in Roanoke, we have electric, water and sewer.

At the shop in Sherman, we have electric, so we’ve been operating from the freshwater tank, and therefore conserving water a lot more. We’re also learning not to panic. We’re gaining new insight into the phrase “this too shall pass”, with the added caveat “as soon as we get it fixed or figure it out”. There is a great deal of redundancy built into the systems of an RV. Outside hose frozen? No problem. Turn on the water pump and use the freshwater tank until the sun comes up and thaws out the hose. Run out of propane? There’s still electrical power, even if it’s from the batteries. No electrical power? The fridge runs on both electric or propane.

So we connected the trailer to the Trailblazer on Friday night, and just had to climb in on Saturday morning, warm it up, and hit the road to Houston, a six hour drive away. We delivered the trailer, got paid, stopped and ate lunch, then went to the kids’ house in Missouri City, west of Houston. We had a good visit, Nell did laundry, we spent the night, and got up early Sunday morning and drove back to Dallas/Fort Worth. On the way, we decided that it really didn’t matter where we spent the night, as long as we were in our own home on wheels.

When we got to Northlake Village RV Park in Roanoke, we transferred some things from the RV to the Trailblazer, put away the clean laundry, and convoyed the 80 miles back to North Texas RV in Sherman. We got parked in our usual spot, hooked up the electrical power, then went for a nice meal at Cheddar’s restaurant in Sherman. This way, the guys could get an earlier start on the RV on Monday morning.

Monday morning there was good news and bad news. The bad news was that we needed a new cylinder for the leveling jack. The good news was that we didn’t need an entire new jack… and they were able to remove the jack without removing the gas tank. No motel stay required! Once I got the price for the jack cylinder, I opted for the extra cost for overnight delivery. If the cylinder arrives early enough tomorrow, and if there are no more hitches getting it all put back together, we just might be able to return to Roanoke by tomorrow evening.

If not, at least we’re sleeping in our own bed.

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  1. January 17, 2012 2:43 am

    Sorry you are having rv issues…i workpart time at an Rv dealer…i see things like u r experienceing frequently…i guess its just a part of it. However, it sounds like a great adventure… doing what yall are doing….best of luck. Ed

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