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The Little Things

January 13, 2012

This is for anyone out there who might possibly, by some remote, farfetched possibility, be as much of a rookie at this as I am.  I’ve said I’m not a mechanic or handyman.  I’ll try to do some things, but I’m a bit lost with others.

While sitting here at the edge of the parking lot at North Texa RV, I decided to get Larry to take a look at the attic vent fan.  It had just stopped working about a week ago.  If you’ve ever lived in a house with an atttic fan, you’ll understand what an important thing this is.  On a hot day, you can turn that fan on “Out”, and it will draw air out through the roof.  Open a couple of windows, and you’ve got some nice flow-through ventilation.

We’ve been sitting here waiting for a part, and the guys don’t have a lot of work right now.  I had gotten an idea how much we’ve spent already, and we felt we could manage one more job while we were here.  An attic vent fan can cost anywhere from $50 to $400.  As it turns out, electrical stuff is Larry’s main forte, so he went through all the part to the fan and discovered that the little plunger switch, which allows the fan to be turned on when the foof vent is cranked open, was sticking.  It’s the same as your refrigerator door switch that turns the light off and on.  So, after wrapping some exposed wiring that he didn’t like, he put everything back together, went up on the roof, and got the switch moving in and out smoothly, which means the attic fan works again.  And, the good news is that we didn’t have to buy a new fan.

While he was looking at things, I got him to fix the vent fan in the bathroom as well.  Turns out, it was just missing a screw.  All back together now, and working fine.

Something I’m a bit embarassed about is the vent for the range hood over the stove.  We’ve set off a couple of smoke alarms when Nell has been cooking.  She would turn on the vent over the stove, but it didn’t draw anything.  We opened the attic vent fan and opened windows.  We couldn’t get smoke to vent.  Turns out, there’s a vent on the outside, on the driver’s side, that has a cover over it.  That cover was closed, held in place by a couple of little hold-downs.  Now we’ve got that open, and should get good venting from the range hood now.

It’s the little things.  Things that stop working, seemingly for no reason.  Things that go wrong after dark, when you can’t see anything outside.  We got a few more of these little things fixed while we have been here.  So far, we’ve only got two parts to pay for, and they’re not really terribly expensive.  So this trip will be primarily labor.

The part for the levelling jack is supposed to be here right after lunch.  If it is, they will get the jack fixed, and we should be able to level and stabilize the motorhome when it’s parked.

Got to get back to the RV Park in Roanoke.  We have to transfer a couple of things from the cargo trailer into the motorhome and the back of the trailblazer.  Tomorrow we head for Houston to sell the cargo trailer to a buyer who’s going to make good use of it.

Larry checked the tires and aired them up the other day, and on the way out of here, I’ll get the propane tank filled.

Next week, I guess I’ll get back to finishing up the flooring.

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  1. Rita permalink
    January 14, 2012 10:24 pm

    Hey guys, nice blog! About the vent cover on the outside of the RV for the stove — be sure to put the “little hold downs” back in place BEFORE driving down the road. It gets REAL noisy when you don’t do that. Trust me — we learned that one the hard way. AND cracked the vent cover at the same time.

    Good luck. Looking forward to seeing you two down the road one day soon.

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