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Another of Life’s Adventures

January 10, 2012

Parked for the night at North Texas RV

Sherman, TX, Tuesday night

It’s not as bad as it looks.  Just out of the picture, parked on this side of us, is a fifth wheel trailer, where one of the salesmen at North Texas RV is staying.  So we’re not alone.  It just looks bad because it’s such a gray evening.  And, we’re sitting right by the entrance to the Lazy L RV Park.  The good news is that we’re not paying for a parking space.

We started stirring around this morning around 5am, after listening to pouring rain on the roof and some pretty heavy thunder throughout the night.  While Nell “travelized” the RV, I disconnected the shore lines: sewer, water, electric.  For some reason, the basement compartment light didn’t come on, so I unhooked and stowed everything in the dark.  I hate to think what those compartments are going to look like in daylight.

With Nell leading the way in the Trailblazer, we headed out around 7:30 in growing light covered by heavy clouds, and mist in the air, as if it might turn into heavy rain again any time.  After a stop to top off the gas tank, we got to North Texas RV around 9am.  I had made an appointment, but I don’t think it would have mattered.  This is apparently a really slow time for them, so they got right to it.  The generator guy could not make the carburetor spit gas like it did to me, but there was a problem with keeping the generator running for any length of time.  Turns out the fuel pump on it has seen its best days.  I like this place because I can look over their shoulders and watch what’s being done, and get my questions answered as well.  They ordered a fuel pump.  It will be delivered tomorrow.  That pretty much sealed our fate as to where we would spend the night.

Accepting that we were going to sleep in the RV in Sherman tonight, we left the guys working on the leveling jack hydraulic leak and headed back to north Dallas in the Trailblazer.  First stop: PetSmart.  We dropped Hemi off for a badly needed trim.  Then we hit Chili’s for a quick lunch, and got Nell to a doctor appointment on time.

We were back at North Texas RV with a freshly trimmed Hemi about 3:30 in the afternoon.  The verdict on the leveling jack was that a switch on the top of the jack had broken, causing a hydraulic fluid leak.  The part had been ordered, but it’s going to take a couple of days to get here.  We could have stayed at the Lazy L RV Park next door, but the service manager at North Texas RV had offered us a spot right next to the shop building.  When we got back from running our errands, the tires had all been checked and aired up, the motorhome was parked, with electric connected and the furnace turned on.

So here we are at the edge of the parking lot of North Texas RV.  Nell heated up some leftover soup, made a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches, and with the blinds and curtains all closed, as she put it: “You’d never know where we are.”  We can hear the traffic a block away on Hwy 75, but we’ll adjust.

The biggest downside to this is a bad one:  Being here, north of Dallas… waaay north of Dallas, means Nell is going to have a pretty long commute to get to work.  She’s anticipating a two-hour drive one way.  It would be nice if all the parts would get here tomorrow, the work could get done, and I could drive back to Roanoke tomorrow.  But that’s probably not going to happen.

The good news is that the fuel pump is only going to cost about $60, and the part for the leveling jack around $40.  The labor won’t be cheap, but at least the parts are a lot less than the last time we were here.

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  1. January 11, 2012 2:07 pm

    Now THAT is a home on wheels! Take it where it needs to go and still be able to sleep in it. I love it!

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