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January 9, 2012

Hemi’s gotten a little scruffy and needs a trim.  Other than that, it’s a little hard to tell how he’s adjusting.  Most of the time, he’s curled up in the co-pilot chair, on his own pillow, with a little blanket.  He doesn’t move much during the day, which is not very different from life in the past.  Whether it’s by sound or by smell, he does know when another dog is passing by on the street in front of us, although he does miss one occasionally.  As for barking, well… it’s also a hit or miss thing.  He wants to bark at all of them, but most of the time, we can quiet him pretty quickly.  I have noticed that other dogs bark at him more than he barks back, so I guess we’re doing okay.  Big dogs, like labs and golden retrievers, hardly ever make a sound, it seems.

Hemi seems to be adjusting to the new flooring better than the original.  For some reason, he hated walking across the vinyl floor through the kitchen/dining area.  I find it interesting that he seems more willing to wander through from front to rear much more often since we put the darker, slightly more cushioned stuff down.

He’s exhibiting a new peculiarity lately: trying to “bury” his food dish.  He appears to be trying to push imaginary dirt over the food with his nose.  My research has found that this isn’t highly unusual, and I’ve found a variety of supposed reasons for it.  One is that he may be objecting to his food (which is the same thing we’ve fed him since we got him).  Another is that he’s hiding it from other animals.  I do wonder if, being in a new place, with a number of other dogs being walked through the neighborhood, he might be doing the hiding thing until he’s ready to eat.

Living in close quarters requires some concessions, changes from the way one used to live.  The dog’s bowls would never have been in the living area of the house, but this happens to be the most out of the way place in the motorhome.  The basket holds his harness, leashes, brush, plastic cleanup bags, and an umbrella.  The little plastic crate tucked back in the corner has a towel rolled up, to be used to wipe wet paws.  The little table itself holds a variety of things: a couple of small flashlights, a strap-on headlamp, mosquito repellant, weather radio, glasses cases… things that need to be within easy reach near the door.  The table is scheduled to be repainted once we determine the final color for the interior walls.

The space between the driver’s chair and the loveseat is the ideal place for Hemi’s crate.  Although he doesn’t use it all the time, he does occasionally hole up in there when there is activity in the living area, and he learned very quickly that it’s the most secure place when the motorhome is in motion.   Presently, the crate is normally pulled forward so I can use it as an end table.  We have been searching for the “just right” table, which, with the crate pushed back against the wall as shown here, will sit over the crate, so Hemi will still have access to it, but it will be a bit less visible.

*     *     *

We have had the cargo trailer stored in a fenced storage area here at the RV Park.  The storage has cost us $1 a day, so it hasn’t been bad, but it’s an expense we may as well eliminate.  Besides, this is about the time we planned to sell it anyway.  We have a buyer in Houston, and we’ll be delivering it next weekend.  Yesterday, we pulled about a dozen paintings out of the trailer and brought them into the RV.  Then we reorganized the storage space under the bed, which was a decluttering job that needed to be done.  We consolidated, eliminated, and rearranged things under there, and ended up with enough space to store all of the larger framed paintings under the bed.  There are a few other last-minute things in the trailer that will need to be eliminated or stored in the back of the Trailblazer until they can be delivered to the kids.

After all the larger paintings were dealt with, I brought two tubs full of framed art from the trailer into the RV.  I also brought a tub of framed art in from one of the storage bays under the RV.  We completely repacked all of the smaller framed art (5×7 up to 9×12, and Nell’s minis) into two tubs instead of three.  Those two tubs went back down into the basement storage bay, giving us a total of three tubs… two with framed art and one with empty frames.  More important, we now have all of the artwork stored in the motorhome.

pencil sketching box, paint & brushes, sketch pads

We also rearranged some overhead cabinets in the living area and in the bedroom, and found places to store a tub with paperwork, one with precut illustration board and one with brushes and paint tubes for “everyday” painting.

office supplies, spare batteries & bulbs

We had way more office supplies and printer paper than we need, so Nell took some of that to her office.  We rearranged several little plastic crates of office and “every day” supplies (tape, cards, batteries, light bulbs, etc.) into fewer containers, and found room for it all in overhead storage.

Nell's fiction library

Reference books, including a few art books

The whole point is an ongoing project intended to get things used regularly into easily accessible spots, and as much as possible, to get similar items stored in the same general vicinity.  It will never be perfect.  It’s just a small space and adjustments have to be made, like the rolls of paper towels that are stored in the back of a cubbyhole in the bedroom closet.

*     *     *

Tomorrow morning, we’ll head out early to North Texas RV in Sherman.  It’s a 78 mile trek from here, and the forecast calls for rain, so it should be just a whole lot of fun.  We’ve still got a problem with the carburetor on the onboard generator leaking gasoline when I try to start the generator.  That should be a warranty fix, because they’ve already worked on it twice.  We also need them to look at one of the hydraulic levelling jacks.  When we set the jacks the day we got here, one of them lost hydraulic fluid.  We’ve gotten by okay, but we really need to get that fixed.

I have a feeling we may have to stay there overnight.  If so, there’s an RV Park right next door to them.  Nell is taking the day off work, and will follow me in the Trailblazer.  The bad part is that if we’re stuck overnight, she will have a heck of a commute the next day.  I’ll post an update when this part is over.

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  1. Yorky permalink
    January 9, 2012 8:53 pm

    Good luck with the repairs Ralph. Amazing what you have been able to store in the RV.


    • January 9, 2012 9:06 pm

      Thanks, Doug. I will admit I’m a little apprehensive about getting it on a scale. Hopefully, we won’t be over the recommended weight limits.

  2. Loretta permalink
    January 9, 2012 10:54 pm

    I have seen end tables that have a little dog crate on amazon. Maybe if you are handy you can build one.

    We are in the process of downsizing now to get ready for our journey. It is alot of work. I can’t believe how much christmas stuff I have accumulated and it can’t all go with us. I don’t want to take room up with that stuff.

    • January 9, 2012 11:32 pm

      Loretta, thanks for the link. The ones for sale are just a few inches too wide, but that’s a great idea.

      We took a single plastic crate (one of those red ones with the green overlapping tops) with Christmas stuff. We left most of it in the crate. We’ll keep it one more year to see if we’re more comfortable decorating in parks after we’ve lived in them for a year. The big thing appears to be the big wreath on the front of the motorhome. Gotta get one of those.

      Trust me… no matter how much you downsize, you’ll still have too much in the beginning. And you’re right… it was a lot of work.

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