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December 11, 2011

After a good trip up to Wichita, Kansas for the weekend, we got back this afternoon (Sunday).  We left the motorhome parked, drove up in the Trailblazer, and stayed with our kids there.  It was cold and gray there, so not a big difference for us weather-wise.  Before leaving here on Friday, we drove to get the propane tank filled.  That was a good exercise for us, because we had to take pictures off the walls, and put things away that were sitting on the table, nightstands, kitchen cabinets, etc.  A lot of those things that personalize the space and make it “home” don’t really ride well over bumps and around corners.  It really didn’t take long to prep the place.  We put it all back when we got back from the propane place, so we’d arrive back from Kansas to a home all in order.  Over time, once we start travelling in the RV, we’ll learn what will ride okay and what won’t.

Helping Grandma fix lunch... sort of

We had a good visit, and an early Christmas.  We’ll be doing Christmas in weekend installments this year.  First in Wichita, next in Austin, then finally in Houston.

*   *   *

We have TV on a variety of channels as of this afternoon.  As soon as we unloaded the car, Nell headed off to the grocery store, and I went out to dump the holding tanks, so we’d start the week off with full propane and water, and empty gray and black water holding tanks.  Barry, the RV Tech, walked over when he saw me out.  He’s got us on his work schedule for next week.  He wanted a quick preview regarding the our TV issues, and came inside to take a look.  Turns out I wasn’t cranking the TV antenna handle hard enough (afraid I was going to break something).  He said it was pretty stiff, probably from lack of use, but he eventually cranked the antenna all the way up.  He juggled the connections at the converter box a bit, then started the unit scanning.  When the scan completed, and after he left, I went through the channels, and found that we now have proper TV rececption.  Tonight, we’ll be able to watch the Cowboys play.

*   *   *

On the drive back from Kansas, we talked a bit about the travel plans.  Nell will work through March, and I have a Gouache painting demonstration that month, so it looks like we’ll head out in April.  Our thinking is to head generally north slowly, with the coast of Maine as our target destination.  I’ll start working up a loose itenerary, plotting a general route, and looking for a few town square festivals along the way.

We stopped at Camping World in Denton coming back into town, and ended up signing up for a time-share pitch at an RV Park in Langston, Alabama the first week of May.  We’ll listen to 90 minutes of sales pitch, and get three nights at the RV Park for free.  Langston is only about 50 miles from Gadsden, and I’m hoping I can hook up with Craig Reynolds for a day or two of painting outdoors.  One of the things that impressed me about the Gadsden area is that there are a lot of great places to paint there.  Craig and I never were in the same spot last April at the Plein Air Invitational, and I’d like to paint alongside him and learn a few things.  I’d also like for him and Estra to meet Nell.

Temperature is forecast for around 40 degrees tonight.  Compared to the past week, that’s almost toasty.

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