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Dirty Thoughts

December 6, 2011

My mind’s in the sewer today.

We’re still learning.  I closed the gray water valve yesterday, to let the tank build up.  I also switched over from local water to the fresh water tank.  We haven’t used as much from the fresh water tank as I thought we would.  And the gray water hasn’t filled up as fast as I expected.

We did flush the fresh water tank when we de-winterized, but I think we need to go through a tank just to let it flush a little more.  It’s not quite as fresh as I’d like it to be.

The blackwater tank needs to be emptied today.  It’s sitting at 3/4 full, and I’m afraid to let it go higher.  It’s 30 degrees and damp outside, with a wind chill of 20 degrees and 14mph breeze blowing.

The forecast says that between 2pm and 4pm, it’s supposed to get up to 38, with sunshine.

I’ll wait until then.

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