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December 4, 2011

If you’re interested in how we managed to get an entire art festival booth into the basement storage of the motorhome, I posted some photos of that on my Art Blog.

And… if you’re interested to see in seeing at least one way I may be painting in the motorhome, there’s a photo of that here.

*   *   *

And… a few random thoughts and discoveries in our first week of actually living in the motorhome:

1) The windshield drapes keep the cold out.  They should remain closed on cold days when there’s no sunshine.  (All it takes is to pull them back on a cold morning, and you learn quick.)  I have high hopes that, after this winter, this will no longer be something we need to be concerned about.
2) Bouncing the RV on the levelling jacks IS a good way to get the black water tank emptied out.  There’s also a black water tank flush inlet to run water in and get the tank cleaner.  May have known that, but had forgotten.
3) We need to buy a regular water hose in addition to our clean fresh water hose.  There’s one at our site here at Northlake Village, but there won’t always be one at other places.  That’s the hose we can hook up to the black water flush inlet.
5) The little electric heater does a great job of warming the place up if you just set it on “low” for a little while to start the day.
6) DO NOT open the shower door and reach in and turn on the shower.  The spray on ours is pointed at the door.  (No, I didn’t do it, but it would be easy to do without thinking.)
7) Point the shower head down and away from you while you turn the water on and get the temperature adjusted.  The hot water is scalding hot in there, just like everywhere else.
8) The shower is a great place to store stuff, although it’s kind of an exercise to get everything out and put somewhere while you shower.  It just takes a little getting used to.  (RVers will understand.)
9) It takes a little longer to change clothes in a small space.  And no matter how you were used to living, you now have to hang everything back up and put everything away.  (There’s no chair in the corner or dressing stool at the foot of the bed to drop stuff on.)
10) Rain on the roof is a pleasant sound (if you don’t have to go outside).
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