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Little by Little…

November 18, 2011

Yesterday, I spent some time in the garage.

This is pretty much all that’s left, and maybe a third of this will end up in the RV (less, if I can do it).  Some of it is show booth stuff that is normally in the cargo trailer, part of which can be seen on the right.  The show stuff will go in the RV’s basement compartments, and the cargo trailer will go away when we start travelling.  Part of this stuff will either go to the dump or to the Salvation Army.  I’ve got a 6-foot ladder that will go with us only if I can find a place for it in the basement storage pass-thru.  Otherwise, we have a folding footstool that will go for sure.  There’s really not much else in the garage.  This is a townhouse, with no yard, and since we purchased it new several years ago, we left a lot of stuff behind that we just didn’t need anymore.  (We have experience in divesting ourselves of stuff.)  We kept a box of Christmas lights, and we’ll get a small tabletop Christmas tree to get us through the holidays.

Remember these boxes of frames?  I contacted Laura Moore Fine Art Studio in McKinney to see about donating them to some organization.  Laura has a gallery as well as studio just off the square in downtown McKinney.  Turns out the 3-day weekend after Thanksgiving is “Dickens of a Christmas” in McKinney.  Laura invited me to share a space in an outdoor gallery tent she’s setting up.  I’m only doing the Friday, and it’s just a 7-foot wide ProPanel, but I can put some artwork up for sale.  Laura also suggested selling the frames there as well at bargain basement prices.  Then, Laura will arrange for those that don’t sell to be donated to the annual student art show that is presented by The Art Club of McKinney.  That’s a win-win.  Her attitude was that if I could sell some of them, that’s just a little more “road money”.

The reclining loveseat arrived yesterday.  We had it delivered to the house, and we’ll move it to the RV tomorrow.  We had it delivered without the backs attached, which will make getting it through the door of the RV a lot easier.  The backs slide on and clip into place.  We had the microfiber upholstery treated with a stain repellant as well, so this should be pretty easy to keep clean.  The loveseat sits on rails running the full length of the unit, front and back.  The rails have slots in them, which we will use to anchor the loveseat to the floor with screws.  It’s heavy enough that it will probably not move much, but better safe than sorry.

This piece of furniture is really comfortable, and is going to be well used, I suspect.  Hey, we never said we were going to “rough it”.

So, here’s the plan… (No, we haven’t moved in yet.  This photo is from our weekend at Ray Roberts Lake State Park back in the summer.)  The loveseat will replace the fold-out sofa on the left.  There is an animal rescue donation drop-off nearby, and we’ll see if they’ll take the old sofa before taking it elsewhere.  The single chair on the right, just past the door, will stay temporarily, but will probably go away eventually for a cabinet that can house a printer and other items (maybe even a bookshelf).  We’ve re-thought the prospect of keeping the big Epson Artisan 810, since we’ve altered our vision of the art business a little.  One of the kids is going to inherit that printer, and we’ll get something smaller that will suit our needs.  The TV in the dash will come out, and the space possibly used to store road atlases and campground guides.  A new flat TV will be installed above the door on the right (between the cabinets) on an adjustable arm.  (The little monitor above the windshield is for the rear camera.)

The dinette table will stay as it is.  We have four chairs, two of which fold and fit under the bed.  When travelling, two of the chairs are attached to the dinette leg with wide velcro straps.  Before we do too much travelling, the flooring will be replaced.  Our intent is to keep the carpet in the bedroom, then go with vinyl flooring from the bedroom through the kitchen and living area all the way to the engine “doghouse” (the hump between the pilot and co-pilot seats).  We’ll keep carpet over the hump and under the front seats and feet for sound deadening purposes, although we do want to put new carpet there.  The carpet in that space is showing some wear.  We’ll use a couple of rug runners to soften the look of so much vinyl, I’m sure.

As Nell was getting ready for work this morning, we laughed about the likelihood that for the first few days in the motorhome, we’ll be stepping over boxes and containers while we find places for everything.  The good news is that starting tomorrow, Nell is off work for nine days.  That should give us time to at least do what we need to vacate the townhouse, but also set up housekeeping in the motorhome.  After that, I suspect we’ll be rearranging the RV for quite a while as we learn what works and what doesn’t.

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  1. November 19, 2011 3:44 am

    It’s getting closer and closer. Seeing your progress is getting me excited for your move-in. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date.

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