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Moving Along!

November 15, 2011

This past Sunday afternoon, we made our first trip to Camping World.   We came out with jack supports, an elbow fitting for the sewer line, a sewer hose support, a “donut” ring for the sewer line, and a set of reflective triangles for roadside emergency use.  And, of course, there were a few other things as well.

On our way to La Z Boy to order replacements for the two recliners that didn’t fit, we stopped by Rooms To Go.  And found this reclining wall-hugger love seat.  For the space we have, it’s perfect.  We spent a lot of time sitting in it, measuring it, learning that the backs can be removed to make it easier to get into the motorhome, and ended up ordering this instead of separate recliners.  It’s perfectly comfortable with two of us sitting on it, and takes up less space than two recliners.  And the cost of this unit is equal to the cost of a single recliner.  It’s being delivered in a couple of days.  It is microfiber, and we’ve ordered it with extra spill protection.

On the furniture disposal front, our oldest son came up from Houston, and we loaded the big entertainment center from the living room into his truck.  It now resides in his living room.

And my brother and sister-in-law arrived from West Texas yesterday, and after a really nice visit, we loaded their SUV up with all of my mother’s old bedroom furniture, which we’ve been using in our guest room.  Today, the guest room has only a box spring and mattress.  They also took some of my better older, framed drawings.  The walls look a little bare in a couple of places, but it’s okay for now.

The house inspection went very well.  We were delighted that the inspector only found three minor things, a slow drain in a bathroom (can you say Drano?), a faucet in the kitchen that needs work, and some adjustments to the dishwasher.  We’ve got a plumber scheduled to come tomorrow to deal with those things.

Our oldest son-in-law is coming up from Houston this coming weekend to take the office cabinets home with him.  Aside from always being willing to help, he’s pretty handy, so while he’s here, we’ll put him to work helping remove the existing sofa-bed from the RV, and getting the new loveseat in and anchored down.  We may take a couple of things to the dump and to the Salvation Army while he’s here as well.

Nell has sold or found takers for just about all of the rest of the furniture in the living room and master bedroom.  All that’s left (I think) is the refrigerator in the kitchen.  That is all scheduled to be picked up on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

This morning, as I was puttering around the house, I went through my closet and filled another large trash bag with clothes to go to the Salvation Army.  I’ve still got too much left, but I’ll thin it out some more over the next few days.

Now I’ve got to go through what’s left of my small art library and see what books I absolutely can’t live without.

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